Infiltrating Antifa’s Black Lives Matter Protest in Durham

It’s a horror show. Real life invasion of the body snatchers.

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  • oneminutetomidnight

    This should get like, whatever “best undercover journalist”, “best journalist”, “best comedy”, “funniest video”, etc., award that is out there. This should win it.

  • Rusty Shackleford

    8:55 “You can preserve and respect history, but not the bad parts.” Nice. I guess that means black people can’t complain about muh slavery anymore.

  • markmaccabees

    First of all, ALL of the people/creatures interviewed and filmed should be thrown away in the durham county dump.  USELESS TRASH, finally, at the end, the Asian lady, definitely Chinese, knew who the filmer was, she had REAL intel, likely a Chinese communist sent here by China as a student and  she was high up, leading this, and leading the “leaders” from behind the scene.  That is why she shows up later, because the filmer dude’s presence went up the chain of command, and she heard it and gave orders.  Many antifa in Austin TX state they do receive direct orders from china and call themselves the ‘red guard” after mao’s little red assholes ruined china in the 1970’s by tearing down all ancient Chinese statues and art etc. SOUND FAMILAR???  Communism is here, and so are the weapons they will be given when the signal is blown.  That is why Obama administration bought over two billon rounds of hollow point bullets, these people are their ‘national security.”  These people are YOUR MURDERERS of you and your family. IT HAS ALL BEEN PLANNED AND MOST OF CONGRESS KNOWS IT.

  • sean

    this was great, usually i think you guys are overly racist asses, but this reveals the absolute irrational insanity of the alt-left, trolling the left is always good entertainment

  • Brian Roush

    Try to watch your language? ?? What about the shit bag antifa and black lives matter violence that occurs everytime they have a gathering? How about watch your violence crap ass shit bags.

  • IWroteThis

    10:50 *That’s the kind of girl who would turn you in to big brother for having a* *conscious thought. The little Asian girl is a Nazi Camp guard, an informant, a* *betrayer.*
    She looks as if she wants to get him in trouble. It also was funny she let the black man touch her. She did not know him, but gave him her complete trust. If a white guy touched her, either it will be a beta male (who will be severely punished and shamed by the group) or a woman who identifies herself as a man….Man, this crap is so confusing.

  • N

    The KKK and Neo-Nazis at Charolettesville were orgainzed by the ADL and SPLC. That’ll come out sooner or later. When it does, not only will they be through but the shit is really going to hit the fan.

  • Ernest Pierce

    ‘Farmers’, ‘Workers’, ‘Socialist’, etc. Parties are just ways to trick people into believing in Communism.

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