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Trump’s speech is part of the 911 Fear-Based Mind Control Program. This program has been delayed this year because of all of the race-based programming in the news. But every year since September 11th, 2001 trigger stories related to September 11th, 2001 are reported on in the weeks leading up to the anniversary of September 11th, 2001. It is perfectly predictable and you can expect a bevy of stories related to terrorism, ISIS, Al Qaeda, plane problems, credible but unconfirmed threats, etc. The propaganda is about to reach extreme levels so as to propagate fear. When you know the program you have no reason to fear. My book outlines this program in great detail.


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  • McKenzie Behr

    Thank you for this video! I briefly heard you talk about your 911 fear-based mind control in one of your other videos, but you didn’t go into depth about it like you did in this live stream. I’ve already seen this concept happening with in my social group. They are always talking about things in the media that are causing them to fear what the future might hold and it brings a lot of negativity into their lives. I personally avoid media, especially the news channels, and thankfully I feel like I have been sheltered from this negativity.

  • Sunshine

    In law class it is called State sponsored terrorism.

    That is when the government of a particular area/country purposefully creates negative situations and performs violent acts on its on citizens.

    The more they can inject negative images, false stories and feed racism, the more the citizens blame each other and depend on the very same government to resolve violent issues.

    Unfortunately most people on this planet are incredibly easy to manipulate and rarely question anything they are told to believe.

    Great video.

  • M3l4nin P4r7icl3

    Lenon, if you haven’t already, you should read Dr. Joy DeGruy’s “Post Traumatic Slavery Disorder”. After reading and sharing it with Mrs. Honor to read, it would be great if you did a video about it, and maybe get an interview with the author Dr. DeGruy. A lot of what you talk about in this video is eloquently covered in her book, which closely examines the psychological, emotional and spiritual ramifications of slavery being passed down through a generational cycle, creating a severe impediment to cultural progress.

  • hannah60000

    Race can be a social construct and is definitely a pseudo-scientific ideology in America, especially that ridiculous one-drop (so-called) rule. Races as a colours are social constructs.

    However, race does have a biological founding based on genetic manifestations that we can group people by, for example, group specific genetic disease like sickle cell, etc. The expression to cereus genes commonly to a set group of people, etc. However, human beings are collectively part of the same species – human beings.

    Media fear mongering does have cyclical pattern!l, especially in the so-called western world.

    Up until recently there was the “threat” that North Korea will supposedly attack the US with nuclear weapons propaganda stories. This made it seem as if their current leader is a war monger, the irony!!

  • Elaina Williams

    I’m agreeing on your theories about race based programming & 911 mind control. I’ve heard you speak about it in the past and found it intriguing. Great video! Peace 🙂

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