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  • Jh T

    The charges brought on these celebrities and anyone who is succeeding is only just to kick them out of society period…..

  • Lucinda Jones

    My mother was red haired and freckled face with sunburn skin. I have dark brown hair with a reddish tint. And I also have freckles and sunburn skin

  • Powerful Primates

    Enjoyed the perspective. A couple things. Colin’s mom is caucasian and dad black. He was adopted at birth and raised by a white family. Def psychological dynamics involved, especially with the fact he identifies, as you say, black. His original reason given for taking a knee was police brutality. But he did bring up other political elements, wore Fidel Castro/X shirt to press conference and is dating a muslim. Infamous muslim activist Linda Sarsour showed up to his protest today wearing his jersey. She is even more divisive than him. He was an excellent student in school but has had a difficult time articulating himself in a likable way. Not many can but he fell short in communicating his thoughts and has come across as ignorant at times, preferring rhetoric instead of expanded dialogue. Only a rare talented few athletes can get away with this, such as Ali. Colin is no Ali. He has failed to inspire outside of his actions in kneeling. If he could explain himself properly and in an entertaining way, he’d still have a job and would actually fill seats.

  • Genesispersonaltransformation

    Hi, Lenon I am very sorry about. I love your videos. You have impact my life and how I view relationship. You have help me to become a person Pursuing the greater you. I would like to interview you for 15 min for my youtube channel. May, I interview you. I have look up to you. You became my hero. And I will never forget the kindness that you have provided me. You give me a free book of yours. When I did have the debt card to pay. I was going to buy your book again. Because you have add so much value my life. You mean a lot to me. It would be an honor to interview you. It is my dream to interview an amazing person like yourself. Thank you so much for your time. Sincerely, Johnny Nguyen

  • Ursula Nokonoko

    Red hair = mostly likely Scottish ancestry, but it could also be from the Irish. The Scottish (the aristocratic clans) were more prominent and instrumental in imperialist conquests of the Americas – FYI. The red hair (and freckles) in Northern Europeans is supposed to be a genetic mutation resulting from intermixing between Anglos and descendants of Moors (Hadrian’s Wall).

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