Donald Trump’s Number 1 Foriegn Policy Challenge Escalating NOW

While very few people talk about the serious threat unfolding right now in Eastern Ukraine while the two world super powers position for influence. We give you the full story of what is happening right now with the face-off between U.S President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin. For videos like this support us on

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  • dodopoopinpoop

    Why can’t we just all talk man. Lift the sanctions, when everyone is in trade with each other no ones wants to do this war bullshit. Give up on taken Ukraine Russia. It isn’t worth putting the world in danger for man, just why.

  • GhostintheMachine

    I’m tired of Russia, Ukraine, Iraq and Syria. This is Europe’s problem, not ours. I say we tell all four countries to go to hell, and then pull out our troops and leave. If you’re not of drafting age then don’t reply if you disagree. This country, USA, has been at war ‘how many years’? Let’s take a break and watch from the sidelines. We can always jump back in the war if we need to. I was in the Army. I know the fear of possibly being killed, while assholes at home (who are in no danger of dying) want to fight these stupid wars.

    One thing the war movies don’t show you is that it’s always too hot or too cold in the fucking field, and your’re always dirty, tired and sleepy. And someone always wakes you up in the dark at some ungodly morning hour. You don’t just start your day on the front line clothed, fed, and ready to fight the war like in the movies. You start your day many hours before then, IN THE DARK COLD MORNING. Military life is a bitch, trust me. So don’t be so quick to send our guys into action for a fight that is not ours. One important rule of war is not being on point. Let Europe be on point. We can come in later if we need to. Let them take the blunt of the casualties. Let them spend their money on arms.

  • Omar Touzani

    Oh wait! Are you trying to tell me Trump is Obama with white skin and blonde hair! Who would have seen it!!! Now, it is too late to whine; fasten your seat belt and stack some rice and beans. We are all going to die, except for politicians and their bankers. You and your supporters are always wrong and will always be coz you don’t wanna wake up. We told you Trump is just as bad as Hillary. You ignored our comments and went on promoting this new goy slayer. Now all of you Trump supporters should stop whining and keep your mouth shut. We are what we are now becoz of your lack of critical thinking. Wake me up when you are ready to fight for anarchy!

  • Mitt Notned

    These “inbred elite” that want World War with Russia are totally insane sociopaths. They think they can hunker down in the Deep Underground Military Bases and survive until all us “useless eaters” are vaporized. But that radiation will eventually find them.

  • King Alex Jones

    Trump is cracking down on illegal immigration, reversing the transgender bathroom policy, boosting the economy, announced today that he will stop child trafficking, and is trying to keep radical Islamic refugees out of this country. It seems that your channel only focuses on foreign policy. Trump is doing great so far. He’ll make peace with Russia, just wait.

  • Stephen Rorhan

    spot on Luke we would have been better off under hildabeast with her we would have been at war with Russia under Trump we will be at war with RUSDIA IRAN CHINA and NTH KOREA looks like the neocon Jews are back in charge

  • Bezz80

    Trump is a fucking traitor. Trump works for Hillary Clinton, her private email server int he White House. The biggest reverse psyop in the history of the world and the right wing is too fucking stupid to see it. They are all being played, while Hillary lays in bed sick, Donald does her bidding on the international scene, so she and her henchmen can continue their world wide looting spree, with their ISIS army, backed up with or by the US army, to keep the right wing retards happy, they throw them the red meat issues they want to at home, like a wall, illegals and being the moral police. I predicted this more or less, two years ago, when this was all started with the Bundy Ranch hoax, give the retards the “victory” and they can be lead into anything as long as they think they are “winning”, they will be tired of “winning”

  • george perez

    Anyone who still clings to the notion that “radical Islamic terror” is ‘our enemy’ is beyond hope.
    The West created radical Islamic terror to disrupt and destroy states whose leaders we’re threatening the sovereignty of the petro-dollar (leaders who were collaborating with Russia & China to that end, btw).
    The few friends the U.S. does have in the world are being isolated by this moron-in-chief who is currently standing in a viper’s nest–surrounded by people who will be all too willing to throw him overboard when they feel the time is right, and he’s outlived his usefulness.
    Trump doesn’t have to worry about any “deep state” plots. He’s surrounded himself with impressive, shiny Generals who require a commander-in-chief, not a vein, lazy nitwit whom they’ll too often find sitting on a couch watching t.v. with a phone in one hand & a remote in the other obsessing over his image.
    And is he really planning to spend 4 yrs. taking weekends off–spending time at the “The Winter Whitehouse”, stuffing himself with meatloaf and partying with donors and sycophants like a Saudi prince?

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