Max Igan – Marty Leeds’ Mathemagical Radio Hour S2 Ep. 08

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  • martyleeds33

    I posted this show not 5 minutes ago and there is already a dislike. THIS IS EXACTLY the kind of utter childishness that Max and I discuss in this show. I hope you enjoy our talk everyone. Be kind to one another out there. There are real enemies, real deceivers, real evil-doers working in concert together who wish nothing for you but a life of pure, unadulterated hell. And I know that no matter how many disagreements I and those who I associate with have, I know for a fact that we all wish only the best for humanity and truly wish to heal the pains, strife and suffering on our Earth. Much love to all.

  • Something

    Marty, I feel like you have a really clear logical thinking mind. Everything just seems absurd doesn’t it. Unfortunately the masses 98% percent of the public do not posses this clear sight. Be careful! I just hope you live long enough to spread more truth. Much love and respect!
    I’m sure you understand what i mean.

  • Tony Temples of Life Soto

    amazing talk. thank you so much for all you do and for sharing the knowledge. will be making a donation as soon as i can, and sharing your work with all. god bless brother!

  • hauntedhouse

    The earth has to be flat as far as we can tell because reality shows us water (70% of earth) will always seek the path of least resistance….ok, this means it can’t form the shape of a sphere while spinning (!) no less.

    That’s enough REAL evidence to convince someone who is HONEST with themselves to at least start the questioning process….however, truth can’t be proven to anyone who throws their hands up and purposefully resists reality. It CAN be discovered by the individual. I can’t prove anything if no one wants to hear it. 😎

  • openedmieyez

    the shape of the Earth is Important, all of our understanding begins with that.. ball earth takes us to space, planets, big bang, etc, flat earth takes us to God… thats where ‘they’ don’t want us to go.. nuff said..
    Flat Earth Proves Creation… Love n Peace

  • popcorn1967

    Marty there is No divide and conquer….Every Flat Earther I know is against EVERYTHING supported by the governments of the world. You can’t say that about Max Igan…he is controlled opp, an Israeli Mossad agent by the looks of that pic. Flat earthers hate everything endorsed by the elite, click on my profile and you will find every Anarchy contrived video imaginable. Max did not just attack flat earth he lied on camera to protect the Elite system…this proves he works for them. Max could simply get a p900 and film a boat going over the curve there in Sydney and be done with it or agree that there is no curve to the earth…but i’m still not doing flat earth videos…then he would be credible. But he doesn’t because his masters would kill him. Max Igan, surrounds himself around every questionable truther out there. You will probably block this post….but i’m still going to vent…smh

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