DOLLAR CRASH: Debt Ceiling Decision Will Not End Well!

Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about the upcoming debt ceiling decision happening on September 29th and how it will not only lead to a “government shutdown” but will likely lead the way towards the epic fiat dollar crash.
The probability of a bad outcome following the debt ceiling decision is vast.
Recently, Janet Yellen and Mario Draghi among others met in Jackson Hole Wyoming to map out policy and decide what to do next. It’s likely the debt ceiling decision was high on the radar and with that said, it looks like there may be an imminent risk to Yellen that she will be removed from the Fed and likely replaced by someone else equally horrible.
Some people in Jackson Hole proposed another fiscal stimulus! This just means going into more debt, government infrastructure manipulation as the government builds and builds in an attempt to fool the markets.
The problem is, the more debt you force at something, the less output.
This is all happening as the US dollar is swapped for other currencies and assets throughout the world as it loses its recognition as being the world reserve currency.
Countries like Iran are looking to gold to replace the USD while we see Pound-Yuan swaps, the China UAE swap, Swiss Yuan swap, Yen Yuan swap. All this as the IMF eyes moving to Beijing in the near future and China continues to act as the testing ground for the cashless society while the IMF works towards incorporating centally planned cashless into the SDR.
All fiat currencies eventually revert to their natural value of zero. They always have and always will. The US dollar is no different.

The funny part about the potential government shutdown is that the government itself doesn’t actually shut down, the government spends more money hiring people than they would anyways shutting down parks and monuments, stopping veterans from seeing memorials in order to simply annoy people and make them run back to the state to ask them to solve the problems they’re creating.

We will continue to report on this insanity as usual. Stay tuned!

Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson
John Thore Stub Sneisen

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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  • N V

    Not allowing the increase of debt ceiling is almost like deliberate crashing the government spending. They will surely raise it… and get away doing it as most people are not aware what is happening in the world. The ‘most people’ will get cheated with inflation… basically wealth transfer from poor peoples’ pocket to the super wealthy. Will end in chaos for the masses

  • NowisEvollovetion

    Governments are by far the largest form of parasite on planet earth. Historically they have sucked the life out of one host economy after another. Destroying them on the process. I mean, when you do look at what history has to teach us. All nations are at their most productive/profitable when their governments are kept as small as is humanly possible. Cheers lads, best wishes from the UK.

  • NowisEvollovetion

    Lads, did you know that when the UK controlled around two thirds of the planet, less than 4000 people worked for the British government? And, now that we are bankrupt, we have around 280,000 people on the government payroll. What a joke.

  • Rebecca Silva

    This is a very informative video. Very wise young men! But if you have dollars, what do you do with them? I was thinking about investing in ETF’s for Swiss Francs, but now I’m not so sure. Shame your videos are flagged! Horrible!
    Some people think the wall is extremely important. During his campaign he warned people about this bubble and he told them clearly there was NOTHING he could do about it bursting short of trying to cushion the blow. People have very bad or very selective memories. I would be very happy to see the idiot liberals and rinos not getting a paycheck anymore.

  • Fuzzy Camel

    Gold gold gold, interesting metal. A few odd things about it’s movement. Fort Knox is likely empty. Canada just sold off all it’s gold, well, they kept 100 oz, of 400 tons. Why are the ‘rich’ countries selling off their gold to poor countries? Seems like a wealth transfer. Very suspicious that poor countries would be permitted to accumulate large amounts of gold no? I theorize that gold will be of great value after the collapse. I also put fourth the idea that countries will have to pledge collateral to borrow the new international currency. Canada could use it’s vast resources as collateral, having gold also, would make us very rich. So the poor countries, with no resources, like India and China, are permitted to buy up gold. They can pledge gold as collateral to borrow the new international currency. Starting to make sense? The wealth transfer has already happened, but the idiot beer swigging boobs won’t be effected until the reset button is pressed.

  • Ascanius

    They are going with the plan to irritate the people to the point of them hating president Trump. They have reached the point that they will use chaos to get their way. FOOD is a good thing to store Ya know!

  • Jack Drusus

    Nothing will happen/every year or so the US Government plays theatrical l drama..unless Trumps enemies use to bring him down?

  • roggie77777

    yes there is something he can do dumbA$$. I am so sick of small thinking. he can direct the US Treasury to print US Treasury notes that are the same as Federal reserve notes. This was the norm until 63. You could find both in circulation. one you must pay interest to the fed the other there is no interest. This is the way American was founded.

  • JFK EOrder Abolish Fed Res

    ROTSchilds are DONE….

  • KickingGeese

    GOLD/ SILVER i think is crucial to own during times like these! Thank you for introducing this idea into the discussion. I’ve learned a lot about the possibility for a gold standard from Jim rickards. Yeah maybe the US has no gold but i bet the people would turn theirs in if the price was right and it was revalued to $10000+ an oz.

  • M Muller

    I moved my money out of the banking system in 2006 and the bank is still willing to lend me $50k in unsecured loan. It would be interesting to know what you think of utilizing their money and buying gold and silver with it, if everything collapses I just declare bankruptcy and still have real money (my true assets are not attached to a deed or any other paper trail)?

  • michael holiday

    Cashless would kill the 12 trillion afgan drug trade. Cashless is not something that our dark pool funded gov will put up with

  • me you

    Wrong.. he CAN (Trump) decide what to do about the Fed.. He can shut it down. He can decide to print his own gold backed own currency. He CAN do many things. Including reverting all the decisions that lead us to this position of having central banks again owning our generations and future generations. Our founding fathers warned us about this current situation. Trump CAN do many things but.. he won’t because he is in bed with Netanyahu who in turn is with the Rothschild who are the owners of all central banks in the entire planet.
    Say YES TO operation FREEDOM!!!

  • zzyzx686

    Great video! You guys are heroes. I often felt I was the only person seeing these things, when in fact it is only that our voices were drowned out by the avalanche of lies and distortions coming from the “mainstream media”.

  • Anthony Pooler

    Hey Josh can you research all the stuff out there talking about how everyone’s social security number is a account number to routing numbers at the Federal Reserve Banks? Because it’s very interesting and ppl are paying debt with it because there’s alot of money in it. Can you look into this Josh? Let’s expose the Federal Reserve Banks.

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