The Ochelli Effect 8-22-2017 demagogue synonym Trump

demagogue synonym Trump

demagogue synonym Trump :demagogue synonym Trump : The Ochelli Effect 8-22-2017

Is everybody tired of winning YET???? demagogue synonym Trump The fabric of America is stained with the blood of many.

What the Virginia landscape looked like ? Where is the Trump Russia Story?

Mike Swanson went to to scene in Charlottsvile for himself as he is familiar with the area from his school days

What will happen to the markets as a result of the unrest and the fall-out , stay Tuned… Is dementia likely a cause for the asshole behavior?

History and what a town actually looks like . Is this the final straw for POTUS 45? what sane person still supports this elitist?

How American is Racism ? The News cycle and previously buried leads? Fake PRESIDENT . Can we cure stupid?

demagogue synonym Trump. Is any of this normal? The Trash Reality Show continues… How does one stay grounded at times like this?

Jp Sottile joins us for more perspectives . Is any of this productive? has Trump or the GOP done anything really?

What will the Phoenix Trump Rally begin to unleash ? demagogue synonym Trump . Chuck still wants to know if he is having a stroke?

Note many of the ideas heard here and on previous discussions suddenly appear on MSM outlets later that night. By The Way , Does anyone remember the American Indian? Trauma Based genetics. Crispr , and the less than likely idea that this may all come to a quick and painless end. One last question, Does Trump for one minute realize that the victim thing is played? PLUS other observations on the alleged Master race

The Ochelli Effect 8-22-2017
demagogue synonym Trump

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