Constantin Hoffmeister – Identitarian Ideas IX

Constantin Hoffmeister speaks at the Identitarian Ideas gathering in Stockholm, Sweden.


Category: Red Ice Radio
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  • Kevin Lee

    Cirlot identifies the creature as a symbol of the primordial world; monstrous and chaotic, and likens it in this regard to the Scandinavian Midgardorm and Mesopotamian Tiamat. Leviathan.

  • Trainer Marvin

    I will use this video every time a jew tries to make me feel guilty for being a white american/justify mass immigration and white genocide. Whites came here first. So we are the real native Americans, red Indians are no one. Download this video and use it to destroy (((their))) argument!

  • Johan Ofinlohigh

    I liked a lot of what he had to say, and it’s good to see a German with balls.
    But to say we were the original native Americans is too much of a stretch, and he should drop that rhetoric.
    “Wewuz injuns” is not what we should be peddling, or we’ll become a joke like the “Wewuz kangs” people and the Black Hebrew Israelites. Even if the whole “Caucasian skulls were found from tens of thousands of years ago on American soil”, even that’s true (sounds like bullshit), he should drop it for the sake of credibility.

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