Millennial Woes – Identitarian Ideas IX

Millennial Woes speaks at the Identitarian Ideas gathering in Stockholm, Sweden.


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  • orlared

    “If the public is not interested in our ideas then we must quote the 14 words as that surely won’t scare everyone away”.
    The Alt-Right needs tact not more fuel for comparisons to Nazism.
    If the Alt-Right is Nazism, then call it Nazism, if it isn’t then quit with the Nazi-lite references.
    Anyway, well done Millennial Woes’ girlfriend for woesy’s make-over.
    He looks very dapper and healthy.

  • Mr Hammer

    For the past year I have told the alt-right to create your own platforms starting from the hardware up, they took the idea at the software level and so far are still using the hardware & server client models & now are centralizing… the exact opposite of what this movement needs, the alt right can only survive going in that direction (centralization) if they are propped up by the (((deep state))) because centralizing makes you a target. Decentralized peer to peer networking built of of newly designed hardware built especially for a whole new open source group of operating systems for desktop/handset will ever cause the (((deep state))) to play the whack a mole loser game. When you are a target, you get taken out, when you present a false target then you are in control of the (((enemy))) & can easily route them. *BE MERCURIAL* or fail.

  • Eman Puedama

    I think that alt-righters generally only see one side of the picture, but I still admire Millennnial Woes. He’s very articulate, but also thoughtful.
    I suppose it’s too much to expect that he should come to realise that virtually all the ‘Islamic terrorism’ that occurs in the West is spycraft, and he’s interesting enough as it is.

  • Ghost Righter

    It’s pretty funny that those “Stupid Rednecks” were the first people to really push hard against illegal immigration and SJW over-reach. They imagined the growing problems inherent to these issues a decade earlier than most of the US and all of Europe. So I guess it is the “Stupid Rednecks” who should be berating other groups on their wisdom & intelligence.

  • Daniel Spencer Johnson

    A major difference about the TRS scandal was that there were Jews in their ranks and they were hiding it from everyone. So has everyone just given TRS a pass now because you think they’re funny? Do we stand for anything at all??

  • tnix80

    a lot of people said lana had the best speech and that’s true, but woes was right behind, just ahead of henrik IMO.  Really bright guy, imagine if he hadn’t started that channel or if red ice never gave him that first interview, where I was introduced to him.  Praise Kek indeed!

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