Most Hurricane Harvey Victims Are Uninsured – What This Means For Texans

Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about the horrific aftermath of Hurricane Harvey and how it has affected the people of Texas.
The vast majority of flood victims did not have insurance and are facing homelessness and poverty because of it. John goes into why this is and what people can do to protect themselves.
This tragedy has taught us a lesson in self sustainability from more than one angle. One is that the government monopolized insurance companies do not compete properly on the free market and why people need to be financially responsible and prepared. The second lesson in self sustainability is the incredible support individuals have gotten from other individuals throughout the recent days as people drop everything to help each other.
The individual is far more efficient than the state and a great example is the number of people taking out boats in Houston and rescuing families from the flood as the waters continue to rise in many areas. There are also countless people throughout Texas and the rest of the United States, not to mention outside of the US sending supplies, food, water, blankets and other necessities in this sad time.
One great group of people working to help the people of Houston and surrounding areas is the ‘Liberty Coalition for Disaster Relief’ which is collecting donations to help those struggling and in need.
While the Red Cross takes much of the donations for themselves, LCDR is putting the money where it’s needed.
Another great individual is Kory Watkins, a man running for governor of Texas who has put everything aside to help the people of Houston. Without expecting donations he went out and started filling up a cart full of necessities for Houston only to get an outpouring of support from people over Facebook via PayPal and Bitcoin. Before he knew it, he’d filled 5 carts of items to send to disaster relief.
While people all too often attack libertarians as if they don’t care about other people, this truly goes to show the amount of care libertarians have as INDIVIDUALS willing to help their neighbor in terrifying times.
Harvey was catastrophic and the floods that followed continue to destroy people’s homes and uproot their lives. We ask that you help in any way you can. Let’s show how powerful we as individuals are when we care about others and work together to better a terrible situation.

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  • Infinite Wisdom

    Many people do not hold flood insurance unless it’s required based on flood zone info. It’s a requirement on mortgages if you are in a flood zone. This will put a huge drain on the economy. Something people are not aware of, but this hurricane was geoengineered by the US government. It’s an evil takedown of the US citizens.

  • UltimateBargains

    People who have flood insurance are getting stiffed by the insolvent insurance companies. The companies have the politicians supporting them, so the general population is getting screwed yet again. Houston is a painful metaphor for DRAIN THE SWAMP!

  • John Jones

    No they are going to have to rebuild. But the owners depending on what they have in payments left should be able to sell their land,lot whateveroff the price of the morgage. Only fair huh!

  • John Jones

    Don’t mean tobe an asshole but homes are shelter from the storm.Not prestigious trade vehicles for the ignorant.

  • BCtruck, rebuild, repair,repurpose

    Red Cross is one of the few relief agencies that give the largest portion of every dollar donated, to the victims of tragedy. You can even earmark your donations to be used in whatever area you wish. Please don’t lump Red Cross in with the other thieves.

  • BoomRoomFive

    At 6:20, I had to smirk when John said, “throw up on the screen,” and they cut to the radar hurricane image, which looks a lot like ‘throw up’…

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