Unpublished Hitler Book Titled ‘New World Order’ Unearthed?!?

Only two copies of the 200 page manuscript were originally made, and only one of these has ever been made public.

Kept strictly secret under Hitler’s orders, the document was placed in an air raid shelter in 1935, where it remained ever since until it’s discovery by an American officer in 1945.
Source: https://newspunch.com/hitler-book-new-world-order/

Link to book: https://archive.org/stream/pdfy-0IryYbwVIPGFodSS/Hitler%20-%20New%20World%20Order%20(1928)_djvu.txt


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  • Shane Zen

    I am actually starting to believe that Hitler’s regime was really the last best chance against the New World Order. I believe this story about his book 100%

  • Time Q. Celledor

    After finding out how evil Mother Theresa was… I wouldn’t be surprised. It seems that everything in history is inverted. Those portrayed as bad were the actual good guys and vice versa. I’ve studied a great deal on Hitler and was most surprised by his views on animal cruelty. I have an entire playlist on the subject. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

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