Eli Mosley – New Leadership for Identity Evropa

Eli Mosley is an Alt-Right activist, organizer, and the new CEO of Identity Evropa.

Eli joins us to discuss his new leadership position in Identity Evropa, Charlottesville, right-wing activism, and more. First, Eli tells us about himself, including how he found the Alt-Right. We then discuss Identity Evropa. Eli outlines the various ways the organization is effecting change, both in terms of activism and community building. Later, we consider the effects of Charlottesville. Eli argues that the event, despite being completely chaotic, was a net positive. The show concludes with a discussion on the future of the Alt-Right.

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About The Author


  • Jack Cassady

    The founding fathers founded America as a country for white people and we must fight to ensure America’s existence as a country for white people. To do this we need good leadership. I don’t know about this guy, we need Damigo back.

  • Graham Rique

    Sorry, RIR…I’ve been listening to you guys for several years, but there’s something wrong now. Understand this. “Left vs Right” is MAINSTREAM. One cannot be involved in mainstream politix AND be ‘Alternative’, simultaneously. “Alt-Right” is an oxymoron and they lose credibility who use the term.

  • Zachary Ball

    What a terrible fucking choice in leadership. Why cant the lat roght get it through theirs heads fat fucking ugly ass leaders is terrible for the movement. At least Mike Enoch speaks well listen to this Fuck.

  • Apocalypse Medic75

    The alt-right will grow the old fashioned way. Mothers and fathers teaching their children and so on. This is the most powerful way to grow the alt-right and the most natural. The last generations ignored this and that’s why we’re in the shape were in.

  • Shiro Nakatomi

    I’ve known Eli for some time. He was another local goy from Philly. I watched his rise. It’s not unlike certain leaders nearly a century ago. For some time I’ve floated a theory that there is a particular psychological profile which represents a “Revolutionary Caste” during the decay of a civilization. Eli Mosley is the living breathing embodiment of that profile. I won’t sperg out on the details here. But having met him and seen things from behind closed doors I can tell you this: I believe this man is unbreakable.

  • NOpcBS

    NEVER identify with a group or movement. It’s bound to trap you. Rather stay true to your beliefs always evolving when appropriate. It’s okay to identify with movements, but think for yourself.

  • The Krypto Report

    I worked with Eli a bit on the #UniteTheRight rally. He was instrumental in getting me a spot speaking in an official capacity. Too bad it didn’t happen, but he’s a great guy and I think he’ll make an excellent leader for IE. – Azzmador

  • A.H Man

    This guy sounds like he has a 95 IQ, if not lower. Ugly as fuck too. Put some mustard on his chin and he’d really look the part.

  • A.H Man

    Nathan Damigo knows he’s a marked man. That’s why that little guy stepped down. He’ll probably be dead within the year.

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