Henrik Palmgren – Trump is Right about Sweden – Identitarian Ideas IX

Henrik Palmgren speaks about the denial in Sweden, after Trump brought to the world’s attention their failed immigration experiment. The speech was given at the Identitarian Ideas gathering in Stockholm, Sweden.


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  • Rudolf Stad

    Saying immigrants committed some significant crime in Sweden ‘last night’ is just a given.
    You don’t even need to think of any specific event to say that, because you know it’s true anyways.

  • Oliver Síochána

    great presentation brother! great work you’re doing for our people, thank you greatly! would you consider doing a podcast with Sargon of Akkad?


    Europe opened a Pandora’s box when they let those filthy foul disrespectful ungrateful disgusting worthless subhuman soulless pedophile muslims in . Europe would have been better off if Hitler won world war two , then to have liberal leftist douche bags running all the different countries there . I speak from the United States , and I can tell you from experience that these subhuman soulless evil muslims are becoming increasingly difficult to keep under control in certain areas of our country , I won’t go into details , I’m sure you’ve had the same Bullshit happening there . When you speak about the fake news agencies , here and in Europe , it makes perfect sense for them to dig into the bottom of their liberal barrel now that TRUMP WON , this upset their plans immensely and their actually fearful of TRUMP exposing all of their lies deceit and deceptions , like he’s doing now , but when he mentioned Sweden , the fake news agencies had a heart attack , they don’t want the American people to see what kind of disaster that Europe is in with these subhuman worthless muslim animals , because their plan for America was rather clear to most of us , they’ll flood America with another million of them , then their women do nothing but pump out new muslims , and in two generations America becomes a satellite of Iran , if that criminal hillary Clinton was elected president , this world plan to change the face of Europe and America would’ve gone unabated . Ultimately we need to get every last one of them out of our countries , because there’s no such thing as a moderate muslim , When you cut out a cancer you cut the whole thing out , you don’t leave a little there to grow again . Our leaders have failed us and it’s definitely time for political correctness to be thrown into the BONFIRE , along with Merkel and every other liberal scumbag , time for the men and women who have the brains and spines along with the courage to take charge once again , I sincerely want the absolute best for you in Europe and for America , Godbless .

  • Reachingfor12thD

    Liberalism is truly a mental disorder. I have been trying to gnaw away at the question of why informed people would want these Muslims: violent, hateful, murdering, “refugees” who are mostly all men, in their own country to either breed into the majority or take over the government using weak liberals?I know they are paid off, but why destroy Western Civilization? Globalism? Honestly, what is at the very ROOT of this, which is about to be worldwide, if NOT for President Trump, the ONLY hope for us. In government at least. Who wishes there to be another Crusades? War with anyone will just decrease the number of Caucasian men by causing their deaths! We need them to have kids with Caucasian women, bc the world population is getting dangerously low on Caucasians. Don’t let the gov’t statistics LIE. Look around! I, in no way, shape, or form, believe that whites are still the majority in the United States when I look around in large cities as well as my rural area and see only black or brown faces, mostly African Americans here in the US. They either equal us or outnumber us. Since they commit vast majority of violent crimes, most prisoners are black and violent. They all come out of jail as Muslims. We MUST keep Islam out of prisons, or we will have a nightmarish horror on our hands. The violence inherent in black men (and women) due to highest testosterone levels of any race, added to the encouragement of violence and killing provided by Islam = death for the entire world. We must work to keep Islam out of prisons. That is their secret weapon, along with rap music.

  • Russ Brown

    I love Red Ice radio but I am losing any faith in any white male in Sweden. Cowards and cucks are all that remain in Sweden and Germany. Handle your business fellas.

  • Mad Mack

    I’m a huge fan of Henrik but he really should have memorised the speech. Next level bro!

    No go zones? Doesn’t Sweden have an army? Or maybe it’s full of trans-queer-girlie-men?

  • MrCat

    European men, learn from President Trump.  If you truly wish to reclaim your sovereignty , then you must cultivate the power of the schwanz. The time for games is over.

  • Gott Mitt Uns

    The Swedish people and culture are being destroyed by their traitorous leaders. It is sad to see the nations of Europe, that took thousands of years to build , are being dissolved now, in the name of globalist control. If the people of Europe dont come to their senses and embrace nationalism, they will be lost forever as distinct people and nations.


    I guess I am a “cultist”. If I had children I would most definitely disown sons and daughters who were “rolling in the mud”.

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