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  • Gawpy

    Stock Market is going to crash! Buy GOLD!!!!

    Here is a link to buy it!
    I get a kick back to my bank account when you suckers believe my fear porn message and buy what I am pushing.


    Youtube needs to ban these con artists.

  • harry koschorreck

    Russia evacuating cities eastern section… another. video..Alex Jones. also another bid says Russia taking defensive position re moving missiles currently…know anything about this ? am still checking…about to go hot in Korea?

  • Sojourner Mist

    Like your videos, but truly believe Food, Water, lead and brass are going to be worth much more than any amount of gold or silver. Idiots say “fear porn” and return their heads to their butts or video games. Kill or be killed is coming.
    Food, Water, lead and brass.

  • Luis Tovar

    How can this tropical storm go from that to a Cat 4 in 56 hrs?…get real…driven by HAARP…roth children control money…shadow boys control weather…wash, rinse, repeat

  • Mohamed Ashraf

    Hello Christopher…. After ww3 US is gonna be destroyed… Find a safe haven… People need guys like u in future

  • dapunisher1000

    Listen dude if what you say is true…. you can invest in Gold…. mean while my friends and I will invest in lead…… guess what you will have no more gold…… Christopher Greene good job at throwing fear for your sponsor…..

  • Ernie Olivares

    There’s a payment system that’s in 130 countries and is spreading in America very fast. We are 20 years ahead of the gold industry and you may have heard of us already. If not then join our movement. It’s better than anything out there.
    👑👉 👈👑

  • Robert Baker

    There is so much truth in the Bible but the way it was structured and translated it was done so to enslave and control the mind and prevent you through mind control from ever becoming what you are destined to be. Because of our free will and the ability of the subconscious (all seeing eye) which knows all, they have to hide the truth in plain sight or you would reject it completely. This is exactly what they do today with movies and other predictive programming. We are children of the creator and have his abilities. The reason prophecies come true or things like the cartoons like the Simpsons seem to predict the future is because they are programming our minds and then our collective consciousness is making it happen and we don’t even realize it. The Bible says in the beginning was the word and the word became flesh. The word is logos which actually should be translated to thought. Thoughts become matter, you become what you think and you can manifest anything you visualize as long as you believe or at least have the faith of mustard seed. The illuminati 666 hand signal over the eye is symbolic of them programming your eye, the minds eye. You are the creator of your universe and I am bringing heaven on earth from now on where I will live in the Garden of Eden in love and peace for eternity. What are you building?

  • James Rogers

    Share the Spirit of God with the Earth… The Messiah will Pray to the Father for us to have the Spirit of God, for a Teacher, and Comforter, Forever, in the bible book of John, chapter 14, verse 26… The book of John, chapters 14, 15, and 16, Teach us how to have the Spirit of Truth, Make a Home Within us… Please Hear the Messiah’s words on Spiritual Rebirth… Peace

  • Lavalambtron

    Good opportunity to buy then, the only way their going to sabotage Trump’s economic miracle is by engineering a collapse, they will try they will fail.

  • David Bradley

    ok so lets say SHTF…and everything is fucked up…its time to eat or die,gonna eat that gold or food you know how to grow ?.
    gold is a fantastic distraction.
    Chris what happens during a bread and circus show?.

  • John Beasley

    one day this will be correct, we have been waiting since 1970. it has been a slow crash, little by little. All the assets in the USA have been stolen since 1971.

  • Logical Redneck

    Yup even the billionaires are buying random multiple thousand acres plots of land all over the USA. Why? because its hard assets. The system is about to close. This lifestyle built on worthless printed dollars is about to stop. Then comes the fun .If your a aware adult and not ready with the 3 b’s then god bless you, but good riddance. You dont deserve to bring your flippant dismissive attitudes to the other side of this..

  • like,share and subscribe

    Wouldn’t matter if they had flood insurance. No company is big enough to pay a million claims overnight.

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