How my family Stopped a Chronic MRSA Infection When Conventional Medicine Failed

How to fight chronic staph infections of the skin when antibiotics stop working.
Additional information on the treatment and prevention protocol we used:

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  • sgdeluxedoc

    I was wondering what had happened to you… I am sure glad you came out on
    the other side OK!
    But boy can I ever relate. Both legs, and both forearms became ulcerated,
    and currently I have a 7 inch diameter quarter inch deep one on my left
    arm. And yeah, man it sure as flook hurts! I have already set a quart of
    tea to cool before even finishing this comment and will try that probiotic
    idea. Thanks!! Incidentally, another thing suggested to me was a weekly
    treatment in a hyperbaric chamber. With a big ulcer, it could be helpful…

  • SpiritofLiberty1775

    glad to hear everything is OK.

    glad to see and hear your back and in good health.

    god bless you and your family

  • Luna Nordiq

    I went through something very similar. Scary. Because of my experience, I
    have no faith in the medical community and look upon them with disdain. I
    ended up INSISTING on a biopsy and culture because the ‘doctors’ just kept
    doing guesswork and pumping me full of bags of IV antibiotics, killing my
    internal ecosystem. Turned out to be an easily treatable bacteria which
    required one prescription. I guess that’s why it’s called practicing

  • KiloSierraAlpha

    Amazing video! Thank you! Quick question: you used PROBIOTIC pills that are
    sold for “gut improvement”, correct? Those that are also present in yogurt
    and kefir, right?
    I get acne all the time so I’m thinking about using your idea to wash my
    face with tea + probiotic solution. Thoughts?

  • Dawn Allen

    To many folks rely on doctor’s for everything. They aren’t gods, they
    aren’t perfect. Big pharma is a business. They pay providers (hospitals,
    clinics,etc) to push drugs. my grandmother was just diagnosed with
    cirrhosis of the liver and she got it from all the drugs she was on
    prescribed by her doctor. Now she is currently in the hospital off all meds
    and her body is shutting down. Mixing pills (no matter what they are) is

  • cruhg

    Excellent post and thanks for sharing brother I will spread the word. I’m
    glad you came out of it alive, hopefully the knowledge gained from your
    tragic experience can save other lives as well

  • Kelly Morrill

    I love your videos but it’s hard to follow along when the words pop up and
    your saying something completely different. I’m having to pause ever few

  • Wayne Johnson

    Aaron, It was little wonder that you weren’t around and no one knew what
    happened to you. Now, we know. What an ordeal to have gone through. We are
    glad that everything worked out okay and that you have recovered. We look
    forward to seeing more of you awesome videos. Stay healthy!! :):):)

  • FreedomFisher

    Glad you’re healthy again! I had an open and infected wound on my face for
    over a year. Started with months of eczema and I guess a nasty micro
    organism got in the never healing wound. The doctors never took a sample to
    see what it was they just gave me 1. anti biotics then 2. anti funghi pills
    3. they wanted to give another type of AB but I refused. It got much better
    with rubbinv pure aloe vera twice per day but never totally healed. Then I
    bought a slow juicer and it became even better within weeks but the eczema
    stayed. Then I started adding curcuma to the juices and now my skin is
    healthy again 😀 Ginger did not work half as good as curcuma for me.

  • Brandon Evans

    I’ve had mrsa infections 5 time once in my leg they carved out a baseball
    size chunk once in my face almost killed me and twice in my arm and once on
    my hip colloidal silver saved me and opening up the infections anf removing
    the core with a scalpel (I did that Dr wouldn’t ) and cleaning infected
    area every hour with salt water and alchohaul

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