How to Use Guerilla Warfare to Fight the Algos

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  • MrGruffy 44

    Heta oxfa sia nia heta enhouseha. Eba uresa ota rinkda ourya valtineoa

    I missed the Oscar’s. Boo Hoo. I don’t trust mulder swill. mulder—Fox, swill–news

  • Tom Collins

    Hey Chris, I sent the same comment to both Cliff High and SGT report showing the top 25 advertisers on google. These names of the various companies should be used for various code words as this will have the biggest impact on google hitting them in the pocket book once their advertisers see they are grouped in with pgate and other truths

  • Tom Collins

    Top 25 google advertisers.
    1. Amazon
    2. Priceline Group (Maybe this one should take the pizza gate meaning as it is PG)
    3. AT&T
    4. Expedia
    5. Microsoft Corp
    6. Experian
    7. Walmart Stores
    8. Sears Holdings Corp
    9. IAC1
    10. Apollo Education Group University of Phoenix
    11. Bankrate
    12. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles
    13. Berkshire Hathaway
    14. Comcast Corp
    15. Home Depot
    16. Blucora
    17. Verizon Communications
    18. Best Buy
    19. Yahoo
    20. Target Corp
    21. Bank of America
    22. General Motors
    23. Macy’s
    24. Allstate Corp.
    25. State Farm Mutual Auto Insurance Co.

  • JD

    Hey Chris, make worldwide shipping available for your stuff, we are in 2017 not 1990 everyone ships worldwide these days, I am in Australia and I couldn’t even buy your paracord bracelets bro


    You should start an app so that we can get your content and ringing bells for every video on time.
    Your app would get you money unlike youtube where they will demonetize your videos. You need more revenue to continue this war on the elites.
    Start an app that will contain articles, videos, tips & advice, Live, store, subscription upgrade to premium amtv content, and as well as your codes.
    I am tired of Fox news or fox business at the top of my screen sending alerts to my iphone in order to read the news I also need to scroll through crap like oscars….

  • aleetmeer

    Is there is a list of most popular words in marketing circles: celebrity, weight, money, diet, famous, change, race, sale, food, polar bear, dolphin, star signs…..?

  • Amin Zin

    Don’t know about that “code” idea, it sounds boring… When new medias get introduced to a public, after intentions are shown off, it’s then time to structure just like any other Media. You choose fixed themes like “Family”, “Health”, “Sport” or others, make them often & at fixed hours, it will “dress-up” the course of time and between the normal reports, you can add original content !!!
    For example if the theme is “Finance”, you would talk more about family budget & safe investments and not much Wall Street…

  • Tilson Family

    Watch out. I have to click the bell again and again every few days. Clicking the bell is not enough. They turn off the bell quietly after yoy turn it on so you half to watch it. I wrote an app that monitors and turns the bell back on when they switch it off and logs each time that needs to be done again and again.

  • Tilson Family

    The illuminati and powers uses hand signs such as 666 fingers and one eye cover. I would suggest using the same tactic and background logos in the scene to show when codes are being used. Really confuse them and use their own signs In the videos

  • Mari Kiskonen

    something like the Mexicans are over the boarder eating taco,s at Star bucks ,..?? codes, like metaphors ?? im good at metaphors.

  • Gerald Parker

    How about Oscar awards, from AMTV, for the best seeing-eye dogs and other hounds in film for the year? That surely would fill a terrible gap! Best cats, canaries, and goldfish awards, too, for the other half of the AMTV audience are in order.

  • Marcus T

    I like it chris. Been saying for months now that their No one priority is controlling the web. They will do it slowly and smart so we don’t see it…… Look into the company Obama handed the internet over too /”*

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