Richie “Police Overwhelmed By Scale Of Child Abuse? Maybe Folks Will Finally Wake Up To It.”

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  • bo ptah

    Trump said ” we have no choice”. And you have interpreted that as Trump is taking orders from the Illuminati. FAKE NEWS.

  • Brooklin Kayce

    Images of child abuse is different than images of naked bodies. There has been A LOT of entrapment of men who just look @ young images, believing the ‘girls’ are 18 or close. Then they’ve been sent 2 prison 4 merely looking @ a naked body they thought was of age. THAT IS NOT OK. If they have images of actual abuse & clearly children, they should b tagged & get help. If they’ve actually touched a child, that’s a jail offense @ a minimum. It’s time 2 address the reason BEHIND this behavior. Only those of physical threat should b restrained. IMHO.

  • Key Maker

    Simon Baley could just of well suggested a new law that labels these offenders in a very public way .. putting it into the public to deal with these sick individuals .. easy as .. but no .. instead he suggests we sweep it under the carpet .. and he provides some excuse why we do that .. which boils down to not enough money … while the government prints all the money they need .. come on! WTF !

    Sack Simon Baley … get someone new with some stones and better idea’s …

    i.e. in Simon’s own logic .. Simon is the top most problem to take care of here .. he is the problem that aloows more problems .. so solve ‘him’ as a problem firstly

  • Sidney Richard

    Richie, since you asked… first, fair play for asking the question, although I think we both know it is somewhat of a distraction from the real issue, being the satanic elitist global paedophile ring and the rot starting from the top. That said, this is the one issue that brings out the authoritarian in me. We could perfectly well automatically track and tag any device accessing child porn. GCHQ, as part of the Five Eyes programme, has all the toys but in theory no access, because there’s this ludicrous legal fiction where each country analyses the others’ data so they all keep their hands clean.

    I mean a serious response to this question is pretty impossible, right? You have to ACTIVELY IMAGINE a world where the system is not already corrupt in order to even try to formulate an answer, because the security services have the data and the algorithms already to track and identify kiddy fiddlers from their browsing habits, but they’re too fucking busy watching Epstein’s Island’s live feed to bother with that sort of thing.

  • Catherine O'Connell

    The profit police PROTECT PRIVILEGED PEDOS IN POWER. —– THE POWERS THAT BE WANT TO KEEP THE DARK WEB UP. THEY SHOULD SHUT DOWN THE PORN SITES —- YouTube — Facebook –Twitter — Google — Zuckerburg are all guilty for allowing PEDOS a platform…..the pope has forgiven pedo priests……we are surrounded by these scum bags…..the children belong to the state, the state wants your children….

  • Sarah Bates

    Wow 100 million, images I am not shocked to say the least. This is why I watch my 👫 I am very aware of everything. 👀

  • question ade

    In law the receiver of stolen goods is as guilty as the thief because without the buyer there is no seller.

    If you enthusiastically view a violent fight you are guilty of causing an affray, which makes you just as guilty as anyone actually fighting and your sentence will be the same.

    So with that in mind are the viewers of sexual abuse just as guilty as the perpetrators?

    I say yes but not because without one there would not be the other, but because in the internet age this has clearly now become a criminal enterprise/industry that needs proper Police attention.

    It is obviously being monetised by someone. So without buyers this stuff would not have been circulated so readily. Criminal gangs don’t get involved in unprofitable scams.

    Perhaps if the Police did their job properly and pursued real criminals who break the law instead of easy targets who breach statute law then they might have enough resources to get on top of this.

    But I suppose this is just like expecting a fox to guard the chickens, until our top Police withdraw from secret society’s and NGO’s like Common Purpose nothing will ever be done, not by them anyway

  • Paul Ellis

    good comments below

    this police chief needs to look into the dark recess of his mind …they, the high ranking police are part of the problem…they are protecting the pedophiles …they have the power to infiltrate and shut down the websites if they want to…people in high places are pedophiles (some satanic ritual abusers) hence the problem continues

    very concerning message from police chief ….. he is totally off the mark ….anyone watching images of child rape should be charged and each case reviewed on a individual basis re. the severity of the images

  • Paul Ellis

    People enjoying this channel check out “therapeofjustice” great you tube site for a historical context of these ass holes that are running society into the ground and why – power / control / satan

  • spadedz

    Seems like the government always have the “resources” for everything else the taxpayers don’t really want or need.

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