The Secret Plan Behind: TRUMP IS HITLER

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  • Pachenko

    Wheres chris? the establishment kidnap him and replace him with this guy? i wont be supporting amtv or my cup of coffee a month if i dont hear from chris

  • ironmonkey349

    It as nothing to do with the fact that those financing these “Media” financed the Nazis in ww2… :3

  • Airik1111

    They got Christopher in a dark room with his eyes taped open I just know it!!!! Who is this Latino guy and why is he not speaking in code??? we were supposed to be speaking code !! or is this a code??? I’m confused🤔

  • Ronald Minut

    I’m not going compare Trump to Hitler. I’m comparing him to Christ. The bible tells us how all the Jewish leaders raised public opinion against Christ to have him crucified. How those same leaders started lies against him so people would let a criminal free and crucify Christ. Now does this sound just a little too familiar?

  • Zachariah Hostetter

    good work Chris. I think your plan is working. even in my search results your on the top listing for “trump hitler”

  • João Sampaio

    Omg Trump is so horrible he will destroy this country, We should unite with our black brothers and finally get the freedom we deserve! I SUPPORT AMTV’S MESSAGE,

  • João Sampaio

    Hillary was the only GOOD person! Trump is the most racist person I’ve ever MET, HE WILL START WORLD WAR 3 !!!

  • lorabbcas

    Your so messed up you wouldn’t know a good President if it hit you in the face how dare people say this about Trump no he isn’t perfect but let him do his job for the people and shut the hell up
    I’ve seen lots of wiki leak emails and that one looks fake and Trumps name isn’t mentioned anywhere they probably were talking about that loser obama I am sick of this bashing people need to start being accountable for what they say I’m glad he’s having over 1000 reporters arrested for false news you just lost a subscriber

  • RonsEZ2

    Y’all best do your research on hitler rofl. He’s not the man you were taught he was and with the internet there is no reason not to know the truth. So you can see documents hear speeches from hitler now and learn you’ve been lied to. The allies and zionists got the US into ww1 and in return Britain gave zionists Palestine. Rofl the Versailles treaty took German land and the only one who disarmed was Germany none of allies who were also supposed to did. Austria wasn’t annexed lol no they voted to reunite with Germany with 97% just like Crimea with Russia. Countries were slaughtering Germans by the thousands Poland was one of the worst in and around Danzig. Hitler wanted and offered peace. Several times. He kicked bankers and zionists out. The Jews declared war on Germany so did Britain and France. You might want to know Churchill Stalin and Roosevelt rofl were ALL JEWISH. Hitler defended his people his country from being controlled by banks and slaughtered. Watch learn what they don’t teach you or show you. Hitler was the first also to make laws in regards to cruelty to animals in 1934 in which we now have humane society and anti cruelty society. Yup this was a bad man. No you just don’t realize you are goyim brainwashed and controlled. Anti Semitic was created so you NEVER QUESTION WHAT JEWISH ZIONISTS DO. Try learning Jewish Talmud you won’t be very happy goyim. In it it condones raping stealing and murdering non Jewish. It promotes sex with 3 yr olds. The Bible even states the synagogue of Satan. Best wake up who owns MSM the banks the governments? Want to learn watch
    Goyim revolution
    Synagogue of Satan
    The best story never told

    Get ready these are just a few of many that will piss you off when you find out you’ve been taught lies and the lies still continue. People are waking up. It’s funny to see millions in Germany Austria Russia Ukraine cheering Adolf hitler oh but he manipulated them all rofl NO HE WANTED TO RIGHT THE WRONGS BEING DONE AGAINST EVERYDAY COMMON PEOPLE BY THE BANKS GOVERNMENTS AND MOST OF ALL THE ZIONIST JEWS.

  • Bezz80

    Trump is working for Hillary Clinton….a puppet, just like Hitler…you are a worse clown than Chris…keep selling those Mugs Chris, now you got more mouths to feed…

  • Khadija Al-h

    Thank you. My reactionary and not-so-tolerant liberal friends think I have gone mad. Some of them have unfriended me on Facebook because of my anti-globalist political comments. Good riddance!

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