Ron Asher – In the Jaws of the Dragon: How China Is Taking Over New Zealand

Ron Asher is a New Zealand writer and commentator on current affairs. He lived in Hong Kong when it was a British colony and has become increasingly concerned at the way that China, through its state owned companies, is gaining enormous economic leverage over the New Zealand economy, aided and abetted by treacherous politicians who are well rewarded by the Communist regime after they retire from politics. Ron is the author of In the Jaws of the Dragon: How China Is Taking Over New Zealand.

Ron joins us for a conversation on China that is both fascinating and unsettling. To begin, Ron tells us about his book, In the Jaws of the Dragon. We learn that China has been systematically buying up land in New Zealand. Ron tells us about Confucius Institutes, which are used by the Chinese government for espionage and propaganda. We discuss how China, despite being Communist in name, is not Marxist in any meaningful sense. This leads to a discussion on the current state of China, which, as Ron explains, is corrupt, polluted, and has no rule of law. The first hour also touches on the recent increase in Chinese militarism, the difference between mainland Chinese and those in Hong Kong, and the NZ-China Free Trade Agreement.

In the members’ hour, we resume our discussion on China and New Zealand. Ron outlines how Chinese involvement in the New Zealand rail system has had disastrous results. We discuss Chinese tourism in New Zealand, with Ron explaining that Chinese tourists stick to Chinese-owned restaurants, tours companies, and other businesses, ensuring that their money remains in Chinese hands. Switching gears, we discuss how Chinese colonization is perfectly fine from a free market perspective, and why regulation is thus needed to ensure that New Zealand remains autonomous. The members’ hour also covers much more, including China’s abhorrent labor practices, and what we can learn from the British colonization of Fiji.

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  • Doom Guard

    For fuck sakes man, can ANYONE leave a single White country alone? If it’s not the Mohammedans and Africans, then it’s the goddamn gooks. Give me a fucking break…

  • J P

    This is a total lie about Germany and its naval build up before WW1. Germany had colonies in those days and needed a navy for the same reason England needed one – to ensure the reliability of its international trade. Germany’s navy was not built up for the purpose of war with England. Indeed, the Germans would happily have allied themselves with England, had England ever pursued a serious policy of friendship with Germany. For one thing, this would have saved Germany from its worst nightmare, which was war with an increasingly militaristic, even belligerent France. The drive for WW1 came from England, with the support coming from France, which of course wanted Alsace-Lorraine back, and Russia, which wanted to help itself to much of the Ottoman Empire, which had friendly relations with Germany. Germany so little wanted war with England that the only way the English got their war in the end (after decades of plotting) was through the side door, so to speak, by having its ally, Russia, use the puppet kingdom of Serbia to create a war crisis with Austria-Hungary, the only country Germany was pledged to go to war to help (as it did). There is absolutely no comparison between China’s current naval buildup and what happened with Germany over a century ago. This is one of the BIG LIES that drives Anglo-American anti-German propaganda.

  • Sky Arundel

    cant learn mandarin? lol i know many people who learned it and speak fluently. good on them for being nationalist. too bad we are not. obviously we have to stop them from taking over but that isnt there fault so much as our own. when they were weak we preyed on them. now we are weak and they prey on us

  • Ni 200

    Red Ice TV, Many of the Chinese students who study at the Universities in New Zealand are from families who are members of the Chinese Communist Party. Many of these young men & woman are approached and told if they spy & report back to a CCP asset while studying oversea’s then the Chinese Government will subsidize their studies. So intern, New Zealand University’s are full of Chinese students spying & reporting to a CCP intelligence operative here in NZ who then reports back to party officials in China. The Chinese government is very paranoid & want to know what students abroad (and Kiwi’s) are involved in such as any anti CCP groups & dissidence.
    Kiwis have no idea. My Chinese friend who is now a NZ citizen has confirmed this to be true and he tells me there are thousands of Chinese assets doing this at any one time. So If any Chinese students abroad get involved in anything political while in NZ ‘or elsewhere’ then Chinese party officials will find out and start targeting & leaning on their families back home to shut them up. Also New Zealanders are being spied on as well, especially the Universities & departments. Also they want to know the names & identities of any New Zealanders who are involved in any ‘anti’ Chinese interest.
    The NZ Government knows this yet they turn a blind eye!
    New Zealands security has been completely compromised by China!

  • August Von Mackensen

    I’m a kiwi and my neighbours are Chinese. Been there 8 years and they still cant speak English. They cover their windows up with tints or curtains that are closed all day, they never mow their lawns and avoid the neighbours.

    I live in a wealthy area too so these aren’t Chinese peasants.

    Also you simply cant teach them to drive. Everywhere you go you are held up behind them because they drive 20-30 kms below the speed limit.

    Way I see it is they have over populated their nation and its slowly falling apart. They are living on borrowed time and they are quickly going out to colonise as much of the west as they can with cheap Chinese credit.

    Sad reality here though is our politicians think Chinese money is better then Kiwi money and they have sold our housing rights out to them.

  • Aaron Duff

    Great so by 2050 all of Europe will be under Muslim theory and half of Canada and America will be Muslim and the other half will be Hispanic catholic people, fucking wonderful, oh ya they will be Chinese/Saudi/Israeli puppets.

  • Biggest 23

    His comments on the intellectual laziness of NZers is a yes and no. Kiwi’s are currently experiencing an absolutely amazing lifestyle, that has come about through our own making. Kiwi’s are far from stupid (you can’t build high functioning first world nations with relatively small quantities of resources, a long way from your trade customers and be stupid), but rather I found on my return home, that you just can’t get them to think about things that they feel will put them in a bad mood, that they can’t directly confront and win over. Even the reason you’ll get punched in the face pretty quickly in NZ for acting like a dickhead, is because Kiwi’s don’t want to carry around a pissed off state of mind and would prefer to slough it off at the moment it emerges.
    What’s happening now with these Chinese parasites is not immediately obvious to Kiwi’s as it’s clouded in a fog of indeterminate statements, emerging from multiple sources, all declaring each other to have a lack of credibility. There is no perceived problem yet, let alone a target deserving of an uninhibited, crisp straight right to the beak. So, they push it to the background until such time as the fiery thought processes required can be brought up, employed and put away again.

    Clarity, credibility, focus and a highly defined set of opponents is what’ll get numbers to react. If Kiwis feel that a fight is required and are clear about their combatants, they’ll fucking tear in to the bastards. They also however, need to know that the end goal includes a return to the outrageously good life they created for themselves.

  • Dave Mann

    When ever you leave the door open to your house all kinds of wild live will come in and try and take over. Please keep the door closed and only allow in your house what suites you and your family best for a controlled short time and not the things that want to come in and make their house. When ever you see communism in any country you the jews are controlling them. Sorry white countries are for white people only.

  • TheAwedax

    Haven’t finished listening yet, but so far…..yes, very true what is going on, but elephant in room, the global/banking elite enabled China to undergo this massive financial/military boom; and the western political class/traitors, following directives by this elite class have being de-industrializing our own countries, in favour of China, while enabling China’s massive expansion into our own countries…

  • Ash Bartlett

    Thank you for speaking out about this. Chinese investment in real estate in undermining the future prosperity of the Millennial generation. In Auckland, New Zealand, the average house price has skyrocketed over the last two decades. Now the median house price is over 1 million, an obvious result of too much demand and not enough supply. Keep in mind the average house is not a mansion by any stretch of the definition. The government then defends the 50,000+ annual immigration by saying that the citizens are lazy drug-addicts, which is a complete lie given that the Ministry of Social Development’s data showed only a 0.17% drug test failure rate. These are the disgusting globalist pigs we have running our countries and I see the exact same thing happening to every ex British colony.

  • dan volk

    Man there doing the subtle attacks against the alt right. Was watching a show and the primary antagonist was a white ethno nationalist who just so happened to be a terrorist.

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