Titus Flavius & Rudolf von Flügel – Aleksandr Dugin, Dinesh D’Souza & Death Positivity

Titus Flavius and Rudolf von Flügel are contributors to the humorous Tales from the Trough podcast. Titus is also the host of KulturKampf, a podcast that focuses on philosophy and literature.

Titus and Rudolf join us to discuss a number comical stories from the past week. We first go over a recent HuffPost article on Aleksandr Dugin, which claimed that Putin is supporting Identity Evropa. Next, we switch gears from Dugin to another right-wing luminary: Dinesh D’Souza. We poke fun at Dinesh’s awful talking points, and refute the idea that fascism is a left-wing phenomenon. Later, we discuss a recent development in post-modern feminism: the death positive movement. This leads to a discussion on the upcoming, all-female Lord of the Flies remake, which promises to be about as interesting as watching paint dry. The show also explores the various ways in which progressive sentiments are ruining art.

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  • Josh Navarro

    The only reason I clicked this was I thought ya’ll were going to talk about Titus Flavius. Not talk to some satanic prick using his name.

  • Stormy Sounds

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  • NoRace

    Dugin 1997 …All Levels of geopolitical pressure must be activated simultaneously… it is especially important to introduce geopolitical disorder into internal American activity …encouraging all kinds of separatism in ethnic social and racial conflicts actively supporting all dissent movement extremist races in sectarian groups thus destabilizing internal political pressures in the US It would also makes sense simultaneously to support isolationist tendencies in American politics.

  • NoRace

    Dugin wrote about starting a race War in America in 1997…highly connected to Israel. Euraisa is directly out of orwells 1984…but you guys have no problem with it. WOW

  • Fui Gebhardt

    Real boomers like both my parents are fash-masters who don’t even know how to use a computer, let alone boomer-post on social media.

  • Athena Muir

    “This time we’ll hate alright, but we’ll hate the Enemy…the vicious gang of colored scum attackers and Jewish Communist traitors…rather than one part of our own people hating another part for the benefit of the Jews and their Army of Scum.”

  • Alt-right lieutenant colonel Francesco de Pinedo

    Dinesh’s disingenuous pile of garbage that he calls a “book”, is the worst thing ever written since the Communist Manifesto!

    The only thing fascism and left-wing Bolshevikism have in common is they have authoritarian aspects but in VERY different ways.

    Facism can only exist when the people of the country are under attack, it’s reactionary, and the brown shirts were created to stop violent communist agitators from disrupting National Socialist rallies, similar to how today you have antifa trying to disrupt the alt-right, and everyone to the right of Karl Marx from speaking.

    Facism is about putting your country and people first and caring about their needs only, if you look at the history of fascist Spain, Italy, or the National Socialist Germans who shared many traits with the fascists, there were always Communists trying to disrupt their meetings, because they have no arguments. Fascist censorship only existed has a defense mechanism from commies!

  • handiediver

    Read D’Nesh’s book to put the one-liners in context. It is hard to deny the genius of this man. His scholarly logic is without fault when taken as a whole.

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