Random Rants of Ryan and Marty Leeds on #pizzagate, David Seaman, Internet Paranoia and Spirituality

I interviewed Ryan on my podcast and he was kind enough to return the favor by interviewing me. It was bromantic. We laugh. A lot. And care. A lot. We thought you might enjoy our conversation so I uploaded it to my channel as well.

Take caution though…I wouldn’t trust either one of us cause Ryan is definitely a Zionist shill and I work for the C.I.A.

Calm down everyone, these are just jokes. 🙂

Enjoy. Much love TO ALL.

New video on the Mathematics of Genesis 1:3 coming soon as well as interviews with Sofia Smallstorm, Richard Cassaro and Jeran Campanella. How can you beat that?


RRR – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2sTO9z_I8E2Mr5TmegXnKQ


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  • LODO Beats

    i love your presentations But Marty can you Look into the Fact that the Dimensions of the Kremlin completley match up to The dimensions of the City of Jerusalem as described in the book of Nehemiah in the Bible…We need to know about who the real Jews are!! I need some experts on this one…I Think the Bible is Russian Plant And What we know as Israel is actually ” Rome”.

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