Jazzhands McFeels – The End of DACA

Jazzhands McFeels is the host of Fash the Nation, a popular Alt-Right podcast focused on American politics.

Jazzhands joins us to discuss the Trump administration’s recent decision to end Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, otherwise known as DACA. We begin by outlining the history of this controversial program, which Barack Obama instituted via an executive order. Jazzhands then explains how DACA works. Switching gears, we consider the approach Trump has taken to end the program. With a six-month window before DACA ends, we ponder the various ways in which things could play out. The show covers much more, including the BRIDGE act, illegal immigrant criminality, and whether or not it is appropriate to refer to DACA recipients as “dreamers.”

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  • The Woob

    🔴🔴🔴Trump should not stop at daca and stop all dual citizen passports. You cannot have two masters.America 1st. AMERICA FIRST, not Afffrican American or any other variation. True Americans know its their country. MAGA.🔴🔴🔴

  • Devon Graham

    Whites are just jealous of all the invaluable contributions illegals make to our country like Mexican food, drunk driving and child molestation.

  • w squad

    in the banoboo socity women dominate the men there for the banoboo became weaker and smaller then chimpanzees
    leson dont give women power over men in socity or even equality or you will die

  • Mikey B

    Everyone had no problem removing German civilians and destroying their lives

    By mid-1945, not merely the largest forced migration but probably the largest single movement of population in human history was under way, an operation that continued for the next five years. Between 12 and 14 million civilians, the overwhelming majority of them women, children and the elderly, were driven out of their homes or, if they had already fled the advancing Red Army in the last days of the war, forcibly prevented from returning to them.

    Time for some fucking payback PRAISE KEK

  • TheWarlover12

    “Hispanics” is such a stupidly over encompassing word. The historic Anglophone areas of the U.S. and leftists have too much prejudice against people with a vowel at the end of their first or last name. It sucks. I have dark brown -dirty blonde hair, red streaks in my beard, tall and large build and I’m white as white gets, but every time I meet someone from out of state and I tell them my name, they look at me like if I was some white guy who stole a Mexican’s identity and social security card.

    It doesn’t stop there. It irritates when filling out forms and documents when I see “Check one: “white’ [ ], “white-Hispanic” [ ], “Hispanic” [ ], “non-white Hispanic” [ ], “Latino” [ ]. Sometimes, I have to check “other” [/] and write “Spanish-American”. Why do people clump us Spanish-Americans with “indigenous”/Amerindians who have Spanish last names and who use a form of Spanish language? All the while, we have no Amerindian DNA or cultural ties to South Americans, Central Americans, Caribbean islanders or the so called Chicano-Mexicans and “Latinos”. We even pride ourselves on that. Haha!

    It’s like saying every person with the last name “Smith” is a white Anglo-American, regardless if the person is neon white or black as midnight. Hey, there’s enough African-Americans with white ancestors to call all people in the U.S. with English names white people, right?


    My dad is from Mexico and gave me a copy of his Mexican birth certificate and copies of his ife card and they Mexican consulate won’t let me establish Mexican citizenship through my blood rights through my dad. My oldest brother was born in Mexico and they won’t even let him have it through birthrights. And he has his Mexican birth certificate. I think Mexico just wants people who have money just like any other country regardless of what your so called rights are. Anyone can buy citizenship in any country now.

  • High Energy

    Here’s “the deal” with DACA(put yourself in the mindset of a legalistic Cuckservative or shitlib, whereas we see the issue as simple as using the scoop trucks from Soylent Green ): Obama’s justification for initiating it was that Congress did not give him enough money or resources to initiate deportation hearings for every single illegal immigrant in the US during his term; he had to enforce immigration law (at least to some degree) but proposed that he was simply deprioritizing those who came into the US as children, given limited time and resources for enforcement. Arguably, the executive has latitude in prioritizing resources toward enforcing laws passed by the legislature, but can do so in two ways: 1. By letting the pursuant agencies put the policies forward to the notice-and-comment rulemaking process 2. By straight E.O. Obama went with the latter, which Conservatism Inc. called unconstitutional, while most executive-level actions use the former.

    While the DACA recipients were here, they of course took steps to applying for extending their stay, joining the US military, marrying US citizens, trying to get their family members to come in, and of course simply lying about when they came into the country. Now Trump has to play “bad cop”; he has to deal with the legal/14th Amendment/”human rights” issues of sending many of these people back to countries they barely remember, deport some people when their countries of origin are yet unknown, and the optics of spending resources on sending back “the good ones” (lol) which takes resources away from sending back “the bad ones”. This is why even “respectable” immigration shitlords like Krikorian are putting their hands up in the air and proposing “one time amnesty- but ending BR cit, chain migration, and instituting border security”. Republicans fell into this trap in the 80s- except they had to deal with a cuck president and a Democratic congress. We supposedly have a shitlord president and a Republican congress that knows damn well from the 2016 election cycle that being tough on immigration sells.

    Here’s the cherry on top: Cuckservative commentators have been using DACA as a focal point for years. “Look here, goys!”. They have been doing this to draw attention away from a heap of immigration policies that individually are doing more for the displacement of Whites than DACA, and collectively are an existential threat. What in specific needs to be done?
    1. Auditing every dirty loophole people use to illegally enter, illegally overstay their visas, and illegally naturalize.
    2. Full investigation for the need for immigrants and in which sectors
    3. Complete moratorium on immigration into the US, which will last until new immigration policy is signed and ready for implementation, acting as and combined with a full repeal of all related immigration legislation from before 1924 to today (especially the 1965 immigration act and the 1990 INA Diversity Lottery)
    4. Halt any amnesty and “paths to citizenship” already in place and stop proposals in their tracks
    5. Instituting:
    A A strict points system,
    B Extra vetting, especially for those from troubled and troubling regions and backgrounds
    C No so-called Family Reunification” or “Chain Migration”,
    D. A preference for immigration from Western countries for immigration from Western countries
    E. An expanded and enforced E-Verify + NSEERS using biometric and biographic data for both entry and exit
    6. Instituting permanent investigatory forces into NGOs, immigration law firms, corporate visa applicants and federal, state, and local agencies ensuring they don’t skirt the law
    7. Cutting off all magnets, especially welfare
    6. Amped order security, including a wall, seismic sensors, aerial manned and unmanned patrols, gulf, river, and sea patrols, and ground patrol, while maintaining our Rio Grande access.
    7. Remittances should be taxed, regulated, and/or seized as need be
    8. Revenues from criminal operations by people not US citizens should be subject to asset forfeiture (and this has much more constitutional basis than asset forfeiture on US citizens)
    9. Like it or not, the courts have tied the 14th Amendment’s wording to Birthright Citizenship, and simple legislation may not be able to repeal it, so a movement to repeal and replace the 14th Amendment and jus soli should be started and completed.
    10. Deportations should be ramped up.

    People that fall back on “we need to focus on the economy” and “we need to focus on the culture” need to get it through their thick fucking skulls, that without getting immigration controls, there will be no us, and without us, there will be no economy, and no culture, to speak of.

  • Z Campbell

    Great video, thanks for explaining all this bullshit to me. Gives good talking points when you’re debating someone and you can’t just out right say: “oh fuck your empathy voting, send them all back because they’re criminals and they need to be punished or it incentivizes the crime of illegal immigration” <- most people are too stupid to get this.

  • Trail Boss

    Man I know some really conscious white people from both gender but only a few of them are aware of what’s going on. these people have awoken. they see the reality that due to some stupid people that didn’t really know that they are killing their own race.what happen to the white people who that make things work. the ones that think about their future.to think about their culture of who they are no other race wouldn’t advance without the white race.if mindless white people continued to ignored who they are the future will be shit

  • Gates of Gergovia

    It’s curious how Mexicans are basically fleeing Mexico, but then try to turn the US into Mexico -which they just fled.
    The Africans, Turks and Arabs are doing the same thing in Europe.
    If you want Mexico (or Senegal), why not just stay there ?
    Not enough naive gringos to rob or blondes to rape ?

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