Your Tap Water Contains TOXIC WASTE! – Winnipeg’s Fight Against Fluoride

Josh Sigurdson talks with Todd McDougall of Winnipeg Alternative Media about the 4 and a half year fight at WAM against the fluoridation of the tap water.
WAM launched at an anti-fluoride fundraiser and championed the cause in Winnipeg, Canada for years. A class action lawsuit was launched in 2013 where tons of people came out to support us in our work against the forced medication of fluoride.
Over time the opposition to this terrible practice teetered off. But the fight must be pushed to the forefront of public conversation once more!

Hydrofluosilicic acid is not medical grade fluoride, it’s industrial fluoride and it’s the byproduct of alluminum and phosphate mining and smelting. It’s incredibly hazardous to your health.
You can’t avoid it by simply not drinking it. If you take a shower or a bath, you’re taking in industrial fluoride through your pores. Boiling it will simply concentrate it and fluoride filters cost hundreds of dollars and still don’t even take all of it out.
The certified toxic waste can actually eat away at concrete. But yet it’s put in our tap water in order to “stop cavities” despite cavities being worse statistically in places WITH fluoride than those without like Vancouver or Calgary.

Todd McDougall put forward a human rights complaint alongside Trevor Adams to the Manitoba Human Rights Commission, including a stack of paperwork/studies into fluoride by top professionals worldwide, including studies by Harvard.
The Manitoba Human Rights Commission simply wrote back saying it wasn’t a human rights infringement and that no more complaints can be made by McDougall of Adams.

If this doesn’t disgust you, what will? This is force medication with toxic waste.

So the answer to this horrible attack on individual liberty? Well, individuals in Winnipeg have to come together once again and fight harder for a couple months in order to permanently get fluoride taken out of the tap water. It’s as simple as that!

People can email or message them on Facebook if you’re willing to help fight against this corporatist attack on free will by the state and their partner aluminum corporations. We can ensure far greater health for so many in the future who are unwittingly drinking and taking in toxic waste which has historically lead to neurological problems like Alzheimer’s, bone cancer, decalcification of the pineal gland and for the environmentalists out there, ends up thrown in rivers and lakes killing massive amounts of fish.

Action must be taken once and for all.

Stay tuned for more from WAM!

Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson
John Thore Stub Sneisen

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  • Saro M

    even brita doesnt do shit every time i take a sip i cant stop thinking how much toxic waste we consume… gotta buy a distiller like that ageless woman annette larkin demonstrates in one of her yt videos

  • R C

    Today they are getting rid of this poison and some other by aircraft. If anybody thinks that’s a contrail, they see in the air. they are so wrong, today I’m watching these demons chemtrailing over western Alberta.

  • Saro M

    so the ppl who are behind this crime, where do they get their water from? and why do they deliberately pump our waters with toxic chemicals? and why not the whole province instead of just the city?

  • VioletPine22

    Great info guys. Please direct people to Fluoride Action Network. Fluoride is POISON! No question. Awareness of the issue is what people need. I agree, most are apathetic and will just take what they’re given. Many more know what’s going on. I asked the political canvasser at my door what they’d do about fluoride, with the usual… I don’t know anything about that. My reply was, that you should! Still, we need to hold their feet to the fire. Thank you both for what you guys are doing. I will be there protesting fluoride at any chance. Please keep me updated.

  • guruuDev

    WAKE UP.  Do your research!  Fluoriude does NOT strengthen tooth enamel.  It does the opposite causing fluorosis, pitting and brown spots in the enamel which is prevalent in water fluoridated communities.  The stuff in the toothpaste is the SAME stuff in the water — highly neuro-toxic thyroid suppressant sodium fluoride!!!  Read the toxicity warning DISCLAIMER on your toothpaste tube!

  • watcher on the wall

    areas where there is heavy water fluoridation you will find the people very complacent because that’s what fluoride does , it dulls the senses and makes you go along with any authoritarian figure , this is how they got the jews to walk into the gas chambers, it makes you stupid , destroys bone structure among many other things …its completely banned in Europe from water sources but here is the west its allowed and governments want it that way

  • marco vaillancourt

    Calgary stop to put it in the water because the machine to put it was old and need replacement and it was 600 000$ a year saving not to replace it.

  • Olliver Tjon Soei Len

    Fluoride has a high electron negativity. Activated carbon filters and RO filters work. Both are usual for decontaminating your water.

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