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  • Samuel Drumeller

    Yes you can actually, as long as the u.s. Government is the most powerful military wise in the world they can keep made up money poured into our economy to infinity, the market won’t ever crash, the only way the u.s. Will fall apart is if it’s nuked to nothing, people go to work all around you no different than they did 10-15-20 years ago, it’s not going to happen, the government just has to say ok to big banks typing the number 1 billion dollars into there loan sectors and the United States keeps going growing and growing, it can’t be stopped unless it’s wiped out by ww3

  • G GB

    Why is it so hard for humanity to figure out that you can plant your own food have your own land and be your own boss without this stupid slaving system. I mean do humanity really believes we CANT live without the paper? I just can’t get it. Why don’t people encourage others to get out of the system intead of preparing while staying in the system? If it’s going to collapse anyway so what’s the point of preping and staying in it?…
    Does that make any sense?
    Get out and build, cultivate, detach from the ponsy scheme money system. Our ancestors survived with far less than what we have today.

  • TheToeCutter

    It’s quite a bit more than 20 trillion, that’s the number gov’t reports to try and sell the BS to the American people. WAKE UP PEOPLE!

  • Jay D

    math doesn’t lie correct ? well here it is ..its only a matter of time till it hits main stream .

    8000 tons ( we claim we have )= 256,000,000 ozs x $1300 mark to market price = $332,800,000,000

    based on our 20Trillion national debt this doesn’t even put a dent in it . so based on our gold to debt valuation not even x10 the gold price will even suffice … you will need a gold price at least x70 to pay off the national debt .

    20,000,000,000,000 / 256,000,000 = $ 78,125.00 per oz gold.

  • eternal ponderer

    I’m not saying don’t prepare, but you don’t know when the tipping point will be. The great depression took place before you were born most likely. The next great depression might take place after you are dead. Just keep it in perspective.

  • Howard Johnson

    Oh man my man and hopefully you get to read this but did you know the second and third president of the United States both died on the same day on the same year that being the Fourth of July and they were poisoned by Jesuits why? Because they hated the Jesuits and they knew that they were insidious daemonic reprobates hell-bent on taking over the world and so just words are very good poisoning or the poison elite they train the assassins the Vatican day at the Vatican satanic reprobate scum sucking ferment there filth they work for Satan Satan he needs to get rid of every catholic in his organization the CIA is nothing more than Catholics in action their goal they hate America they hate the first and second amendment you can’t have freedom of speech freedom of religion under the Catholics are you kidding they use the burn people at the stake so if Trump goes down it’s because of the Jesuits gum

  • River City MOVERS

    When Trump actually attacks North Korea……that will be the moment that China and Russia announce they will both sell all Dollar assets and boot the dollar out of the world’s currency seat. The world will abandon America. Disdain America. And our country will become China in 1972. Poor. No infrastructure. No factory capability. It’s over. Get ready.

  • Howard Johnson

    Best action anyone can take us give their life to Jesus Christ you may die in the aftermath of all this chaos but then you spend eternity in heaven remember what he said, straight is the gate narrow is the way narrow is the way brides the way that leads to hell and most people to go on there but fear not also he said if you’re not a man who can just kill your body and that’s it but fear him that can kill your body and then sent you to everlasting punishment that’s how you prepare but it doesn’t hurt to have a little water and food gotcha

  • J Sonders

    The banksters conficated all of our silver and gold from our pockets long ago and now we pay interest on 20 trillion fiat dollars to the banksters because we have an irresponsible govt. Who needs a govt like this? They threw our future under the bus for greed, wars, black ops and personal gain and “people” have no idea how badly they have been screwed out of a good future, not to mention the planet is being destroyed by these a holes. Anyone who thinks the 20, 30 or 40 trillion was ever intended to be paid off before the country is sacrificed is a useful idiot.

  • Rik Rina

    Christopher…you are religious (which makes you a Sheople (Sheeple)), but you deliver messages which hold true, in my eyes, so I believe in you. I will channel my thoughts, through you, to speak of the evil in amerika’s government and the New World Order. Thank you. Trust ( in the power of) Law of Attraction.

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