Ghostwriters on the Storm: How Big Pharma (and everyone else) Ghostwrites Articles


Did you ever read an “article” on a “reputable news site” that was so much like an advertisement that you had to double-check you weren’t reading a press release? Well guess what? You probably were! Today James goes over a couple of examples of how Big Pharma and Big Agra ghostwrite articles to disguise PR as news.


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  • Delete The Elite

    Sickening, great vid James. Just shows (again) how a significant part of doctors are sell-outs. Same goes for their vaccine program bonuses.

    “A patient cured is a customer lost” – Big Pharma

    Big Pharma is truly one of the biggest killing machines of the world, and one of the biggest problems we’re facing as a race.

  • mrs.prknz

    The pharmacudical company that makes oxyContin,the reps were pushing drs to prescribe this medication to people that,had no business taking it.That medication was intended for people who have life threatening illnesses,not dental was also intentionally made to be highly,addictive..
    More then half of addicts,people hooked on heroin,started off with a legitimate issue,surgery etc..were over prescribed this medication,intentionaly.
    Then we go into Afghanistan, the world no.1 opium procurer…this is not a coincidence,nor is it unintentional…

  • Sunny Days

    Good job. Keep exposing this stuff. I used to Ghost Write and I didn’t think there was anything wrong with it, as it was just how the business works. (ie Pulitzer Prize and Spanish American War, all wars are about money and power, the story is the propaganda to have the peoples energy back you up.) I try to tell people how this business works in media and government. They don’t want to hear it. More people are are getting to hear it now. I like that you have solutions with your criticisms. There is a bright new world out there for people who want to make that a reality.

  • Why Lie

    So fed up with these unscrupulous greedy. Look at the “study date: with the statins (cholesterol lowering agents)-
    atorvastatin (Lipitor),
    fluvastatin (Lescol, Lescol XL),
    lovastatin (Mevacor, Altoprev),
    pravastatin (Pravachol),
    rosuvastatin (Crestor),
    simvastatin (Zocor), and.
    pitavastatin (Livalo).
    People are still to this day being told to gobble them up. If you take, or if your family takes a statin, are you being told that there is a correlation between statin use and Parkinsons? Fat and cholesterol are severly deficient in the Alzheimer’s brain. The brain is 60% fat. Fat and cholesterol are both vital nutrients in the brain. Look at the link between this type of drug and dementia. Be scrupulous about the studies… Lots of studies now are manipulated. After all, there is big money involved and Big Pharma run this show. I dont know how to tell you to find the truth. I tend to look for articles that are anti Big Pharma but you still need to do your homework.

  • Anonymous

    Big Pharma is Swiss Pharma? Swiss Knights Templar allegedly did 9/11? Psychiatry headquarters is Switzerland? Ernst Rudin T4 program head was Swiss?

  • Charm Nilpart

    Hi, James. I had the pleasure of listening to your 10th Anniversary video and thoroughly enjoyed ‘meeting you’. Congratulations. Your library is chock full of goodies for thought and I am grateful for your good honest work.
    This fellow retired Canadian has been ‘awake’ since December 2015. Finding my way down the dark rabbit hole has become a bit of a hobby. Yikes! While tumbling and fumbling in the dark, I have learned some credible incredible history and more so cleverly hidden from the unsuspecting dozing many.
    I have been thinking about creating my own channel but am reluctant with little confidence. However, you have given me food for more thought and encouragement to at least try despite my limited funds and equipment. It’s all about the Love for sure, and I have plenty of that.
    Thank you for your excellent presentations. Charlotte

  • Mykill Mielia

    We shouldn’t forget also from the internet archive and wayback machine (though still in very small numbers) articles etc. get deleted.
    And a further point: The printing press is on decline. Papers will vanish. Their websites and as such their “archives” will vanish as well.
    So important articles we should screenshot/copy onto our hardware.

  • Ima Carrot

    Does anyone who is rich actually ever do anything? What would happen if just ONE news outlet went to ethical reporting & trying to find out about truth?

  • DruidAnthony

    No 9/11 2001 video this year as well? I just posted some of your past videos on my facebook feed I didn’t even make anything this year…. I do notice that no one talks about the first responders who were ban from fround zero memmoral because ppl in charge didn’t want to hear the first respodners portest

  • G Meyer

    lol won’t let me repost on G+ : 404. That’s an error.The requested URL was not found on this server. That’s all we know.
    not that anyone views what I’d repost. Just thought it was interesting. Tried closing browser, stopped, vpn, no work….lolol

  • ouchyg

    How many people know that doctors receive a large commission ($1000 – $10,000) for every prescription of chemotherapy they write. Now you better understand why many doctors are not open to alternative treatments.

  • Ano Nony

    We all know how effective marketing is these days. Now imagine they can send someone directly to you to market directly to your personality and needs. They are going to be incredibly good at swaying your opinion. This is not a shotgun blast like most marketing, this is direct and works very well.

  • Kathy Fausett

    If patients realized that docs know nothing more about new drugs than the reps tell them (conflict of interest), they would be much more hesitant to actually swallow them.  But when you only have two tools in your kit (1.scrip pad, 2. hypo needle), you welcome any new possibility to actually help people. It’s always disappointing because it ends up being just more of the same, except the side effects and contraindications seem to be getting more severe.

  • Christian Axelsson

    Cannabis has proven effects against pain, epileptic seizures and so much more. Psilocybin has recently shown to be very effective against depression and anxiety. But oh no! These are DRUGS!!!! Class A drugs no less. Much better to take pharmas product with designed unwanted effects and what do you know, they have a pill for those effects too! Fucking scammers. There are great meds, penicillin for example. Still, very fucking shady companies.

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