How to Prepare for Economic Collapse 2017

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  • RebelAgainst TheEstblishment

    Dont worry guys,, he predicted this in 2009 aswell, 2010 aswell, 2011 aswell, 2012 aswell, 2013 aswell, 2014 aswell, 2015 aswell, 2016 aswell,, just his yearly prediction… see you in 2018.

  • MelODDic ciDDOleM

    Really not into this kind of video about economic collapse, buy my shit, foodstorage, buy my shyt for the 1,000th time.
    Jist not in the mood, puts me to sleeeeep.
    Sorry, just being honest. Still love ya guys over there and Chad is in my prayers.

  • truthordarequestions

    Many among the educated warned and warned about this since Bill Clinton took office, the Ignorant public failed to listen. Whom ever controls the antithesis will imposes a draconian synthesis solution of which only benefits the plutocratic cartel.

  • Dave Santiago

    Hey ive never heard u speak of the tda. The secret trust funds we found using our ss#. Just wanted to know what u know of the strawman and the secret trusts funds. Thank u for ur time

  • Dragan Bozunovic

    Buy my merch! Buy my merch! Buy my merch! Buy my merch! Buy my merch! Buy my merch! Buy my merch! Buy my merch! Buy my merch! Buy my merch! Buy my merch!

  • Dave Santiago

    Ive used mine to pay bills but then reversed them a week later. So i know 100% that they are real. I know allot of people don’t believe it. But its true. Thank u Chris.

  • Robert Simon

    Wather, can food, tosted bread , corne flaces, Sun trocken fruits and fild staff 🏈 and some of cash…upon this, call NAME of God of The Got from Bible 🏉 good luck!

  • CoolWater King

    When the fresh meat runs out to BBQ…those MRE taste delicious…only people who lived through disasters know what I mean…stock up! Might need a lil prune juice too!

  • Giorgia Agnese

    I did not pay to see live videos in recent days now I have to pay and subscribe but what game is it? just for my comments that they did not agree with Christofer? the world is varied we are different people and not always we always think the same way. Sorry Chris I can not afford to pay a live video not all of us are rich thank you

  • MO town prepper

    He’s gonna try to sell you on all kinds off things I remember when he ran adds for gold or silver before long he’s gonna try to push vitamins n vitality products he’s already tried pushing freeze dried food maybe he’ll try to sell dummies some green tea too lol this guy is just another Alex jones

  • Carnage Galassi

    1. Save money.
    2. Save more money.
    3. Get C39/AK47 by Century Arms.
    4. Stock up on 7.62×39 ammo. You are going to need it when N.Korean and Venezuela Parachute troops start landing in you’re backyard.

  • Nicholas Maietta

    I’m starting to believe that you are now primarily an alarmist to push sales of your food stock. As a result, i’m unsubbing.

  • KaRtOoN

    just wow i like your videos but come on now you been doing this fear bullshit every hourtalking about what really people to buy your shit not working

  • Wayne Ayres

    I’m 28 years old trying to get my life together before i’m 30, i have no education. I learned today that in order to qualify for a federal student loan i as a white male(no privilege) must register for the draft before the age of 26 to get a federal student loan or a pell grant. I’m about to put a fucking bullet in my head. If only i was born with a FUCKING VAGINA

  • Iacaboni Marc

    If we keep predicting it will eventually have to happen who says we cant have a quadrillion in debt its all fake money as long as we accept it as a method of exchange this can go on and on. So lets keep parting like its 2099 wahooooo

  • ancap

    the start of the economic collapse.
    1: Transfer all my transfer all my favorite porn on pornhub to dvd
    2: buy a generator
    3: buy a portable dvd player.
    4: re supply up on hand lotion.

  • Kareem R

    Guys!!! Buy AMTV 30 day food storage bin its on sale now limited time for only 152.99.. That’s a bargain and better deal than Sams Club. Them b@stards are selling it for 89.99.. Remember don’t forget to buy 2 bug out bags to support the cause.. “GRAB IT……..AND GO”

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