The MSM Censored Full Story of 911 Hero William Rodriguez

In this video, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange gives you the latest breaking news on the 911 anniversary with an exclusive interview with one of the hero’s of that day William Rodriguez.

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  • A D

    OMG, him hurting his back 5 years earlier and suing the Port Authority for a master key and a radio was an act of God/The Universe. Absolutely amazing. Someone should make a movie based on Willie’s story alone.

  • Solder Joe

    How is he an inconvenient witness? You never answered this claim. Appreciate you telling the story but thought it was building to the point where you would answer the claim made at the beginning.


    If you are a terrorist and you want to send a message your enemy WILL NEVER FORGET….They win every time you talk about 911. I am very sure there will be 100 anniversary ceremony @ ground Zero. I am glad I will never be here to see that 🙁

  • Chickmamapalletfarm

    I have never heard his story before… not the whole story… I knew of him, but I have not heard his story like this. Thank you for having him on. 😥

  • mcota5

    Sending love and light to the world, Mr. William Rodriguez is a true hero. Love light healing abundance for Mr. Rodriguez because he was forced to witness these horrific sad and heart breaking events on this day that changed the world. Peace to all.

  • Mike Kretmar

    You do know that the words you have popping up don’t match what William is actually saying totally unprofessional you could have got that right at least

  • Dr Uncle Louie Angel

    I have researched 911 many times and know that it is just full of so many lies and impossible to believe the official story, but I’ve never heard anything like this about what actually happened inside the buildings. I used to work in New Jersey and remember that as soon as the first plane hit, they told us to come in and leave for the day. We were under attack. I tried to get back into New York but couldn’t. It was very traumatic for everyone to watch this, but even more traumatic when you actually hear the stories of the people that were inside the buildings and helping to save people. The sacrifices that the firefighters and cops made, which included many of their lives. Then when you do research and see that it was impossible for amateur Pilots to fly the planes so accurately and just so many other Loose Ends, it just blows your mind. All of this to start wars and take away many Liberties that Americans have. Yes, it is also very sad all of the innocent people around the world that get killed all the time. Well, this guy can definitely be called one of the heroes of 911.

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