Apple iPhone X is a Nightmare! BUY at Your Own Risk 🍎

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  • Sam-N7 Nevada

    It’s a FREAAAAAAKIN ………….. INsane NIGHTmare
    You are being SCANNED You Freakin insane FU…kin FREAK !
    FUUUUU…..k that X.X.X freakin Foooooooone
    Eat my phone !

  • Mister Roseman

    “They” already have your “face” on file at a place called the (DMV) Department of Motor Vehicles every time you renew a license or get a new one. It’s been that way since I can remember from the 80’s.

    “They” have had our fingerprints on “file” since birth when they roll your toes over the white card at the hospital when you’re born or every time you apply for certain kinds of services or jobs (Just Over Broke) like the post office, taxi cab, food stamps/cash aid assistance, etc.

    It’s already to late because things like this has taken place over several decades ago.

    You would’ve already had to have been living in a cave 40 years ago to be a “ghost”.

  • 4TheRecord

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but face mapping is something that can be done from video. So your face can already be mapped from this one video alone. Only way to avoid it is to never have any pictures of yourself taken.

  • Keith Nelson

    4:15 – coming from the one who’s putting crap videos on Youtube, which is watched by millions on their iPhones…. hahahaha tool!


    This dude is out his mind first off. He try’s so hard to fear monger to try and sell his big out shit which is garbage.. and I don’t think he’s been right once

  • RebelAgainst TheEstblishment

    Isnt that the point.. people will buy it and thats the point.. you dont need to own one anymore. People give up their privacy willingly, and they think its their choice.

  • SMD 014

    First computer sold for $666. The Apple logo is an apple with a bite taken out of it to (secretly) represent and celebrate the very first MOMENT when humanity First became enslaved to Satan through Adam & Eve’s sin against God….this company celebrates this & the technology is developed with the knowledge given to them through the fallen angels- ultimately, that is who originally taught mankind many evil things …the use of make-up & beauty techniques for women to entice men (Muslim women, in particular, who only show their eyes, use a lot of eye makeup techniques used to seduce men); technology, weaponry, astrology/ witchcraft, cannibalism & Satanic Rituals, etc… These phones are made to stalk you & enslave humanity; this company & its products are LITERALLY the spawn of SATAN.

  • Anthony Porras

    Ok can I ask you what are they going to do with all this info. For what reason would they want my face or thumbprint for what bad reason ? Please tell me…

  • Wayne Schulz

    Just wondering if facial recognition can recognize a face after trauma. Kinda suck to get mugged, car accident, domestic violence, etc.

  • Tony Rappa

    The truth of the matter is a ton of people will buy it just so they can act like big shots look I got the new Apple and you don’t people are actually so insecure nowadays it’s amazing

  • Jennifer Petty

    “There’s gotta be a phone that protects your privacy or something.” I believe that would be the Jitterbug senior phone, lol. Never mind, it’s got a medical alert button so maybe that isn’t the way to go😂

  • Anthony Porras

    Everyone has there own choice. I have an iPhone and use it to watch YouTube not to stare at it all day when I’m around people I put the phone down and interact with others so I disagree with you. It’s about the person behind the phone not the phone itself. What is big brother doing with our data? You’re not explaining that. What’s the motive behind the government getting all this info what will they do with it. Anytime I ask you a question you don’t bother to answer it. Weak…

  • Omnilith Athletics

    There was a video that you released earlier this year in which you commented how Facebook algorithms were mapping your face and sending it to the NSA. As soon as you stated that I was hit with an idea. What if this whole data mining operation has never been about marketing or spying but AI and transhumanism. What if all this biometric information and details about you as an individual is being mass collected for the purposes of coupling that to a digital consciousness for uploading into a cybernetic body thereby creating artificial versions of everyone and wiping us all out. I know that theory sounds far out there but just look where we are now and it’s not hard to draw those conclusions.

  • Hashy WH

    Is this the opening to the beast system 666??? This can be the beginning of deceptive technology…Apple is using deception like this to lure ppl into the New World Order…n they let this iphone 10 to entertain us n make us live in the lala land….wake up everybody!!!

  • jpjerky

    That is why? they are trying to get rid of All”
    Old Biblical evidence, so they can start the
    New Word Order.
    tHAT spying on us” is a normal thing to us.
    And we will be
    willing to be condition, to Never knowing our past That was FREEDOM.. Sucks!!!

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