Millennial Matt – Combating Left-Wing Lunacy with Trolling and Humor

Millennial Matt is a free speech activist, YouTuber, and political dissident with an interest in historical revisionism.

Matt joins us to discuss his videos, antifa violence, Charlottesville, and much more. To begin, Matt tells us about his background, including how he came to be red-pilled. Next, we talk about some of the videos he’s made. Matt explains his notorious trolling of Shia LaBeouf, which took place at the short-lived He Will Not Divide Us exhibit in New York. Later, Matt tells us about his experiences at Unite the Right in Charlottesville, which leads to a discussion on the Left’s proclivity for violence. The show concludes with a consideration of why White identity – something once accepted as healthy and reasonable – has become so profoundly vilified.

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  • Freeblaze free

    I do not care what you guys say I hate Arabs niggers mexicoons dumb fuck white punk faggots like antifa and BLM I hate everybody and FUCK ALL AMERICONS

  • Sangui

    Europe is being invaded by Islam. Soon we’re gonna be outnumbered. Then we will have no choice to fight back. Fight or die will be the norm. Why wait? America will eventually have to retake Europe from the Arabs and Africans.

  • Sangui

    Poland and Hungary are setting an example for Europe. Germany and France are falling to the Muslim Invasion. Will you fight with Poland, Hungary and possibly other Eastern European countries to retake Europe?

  • French Toast

    Seems like most people, including the delusional white liberals just want white people to feel inherently guilty for things their ancestors have done in the past. Slavery and Colonization being two of the biggest. Then they use these instances as justification. Media and academia encouraging this as well. To a point that even mentioning white identity or white nationalism will send them into an autistic rage.

  • robert johnston

    If one of these degenerates ever killed my dog, i swear ill put a piece of lead right between their eyes! I can handle harassment etc, but touch my dog…………!

  • sbc foryourmama

    why youtube shut me down dont they see im a dindu nuffing from the dindu tribe? smh racis youtube….doesnt care about us minorites

  • whitefeminists cant stop this

    you tube shut me down for putting a video of mudsharks boyfriends who got killed and stumped by white males hahaaha fok you mudsharks

  • Stephen Cox

    It’s hard but necessary to remember we need to keep God, religion in this and quit trying as much to talk differences in political beliefs and try just touching base with being Americans and respecting each other. Until we touch base in a human way with these brainwashed people it’s never going to start ending! I have been triggered even if I don’t believe in this word but have definitely wanted to attack back with the seeing these people attacking President Trump supporters and when I’m trolled online but also when looking at this from a religious view because these times do line up with biblical prophecy I feel thirsty for the Word! So we have to remember no matter how hard it is it doesn’t make you weak to fall back to the Bible it actually makes you stronger… when, if it really goes down I have my training and the knowledge I can do what has to be done. Just rather work this out through other more humane ways even though I know this will not work 100% with them all.

  • Jay Me

    I doubt “anti-Semitism” is rising because anyone blames their shortcomings on Jews. But I think more are wondering why you can’t debate ww2 history, and why revisionism gets such a bad name. I think people are tired of the anti-white, anti-European ugliness from very vocal Jews like Ignatiev and Spectre. I think many are wondering why Douglas Murray can debate Muslims and multiculturalism, but nay a word on the (((ones))) coddling, coaching, funding them at every turn. I think many are wondering why closed borders is good for Israel, but the opposite for the West. I think this (Marxist) liberal virulence pouring into our streets has been cultivated in our universities by Jewish professors (and others). I think people are upset with attempts by Jews to make any boycott of Israel illegal. Thank God it failed. B’nai B’righ, ADL, SPLC, AIPAC… and thousands of NGOs and organizations, on both sides of the Atlantic are seen today has having too far of a reach. The left.. liberals.. Marxism.. is very much impacted by organized Jewry. Whether every Jew subscribes to the same notions is a moot point. I think people are questioning whether Israel is an ally of the West. The vicious persecution and harassment of “anti-Semites” are seen way out of proportion. Hate crimes is seen as attacks on free speech.

    I think more are very worried that this is leading to rescission of our rights and freedoms in the West. Already, it is illegal to defend holocaust deniers too rigorously in Germany. Looking at organized Jewry is very much part of any examination of what is happening in the West.

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