US Debt Officially Tops $20 TRILLION! – The Dollar Crash Is IMMINENT!

Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about the US national debt as it tops $20 trillion following a $318 billion jump in ONE DAY!
As the debt ceiling decision is put off once more until December 8th, 2017, much of this nonsense is blamed on Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma despite only $15.3 billion being spent on relief. A drop in the bucket. That doesn’t make up for the $318 billion in debt dumped in one day!!
Of course President Trump ran on a big government platform with a mutli-trillion dollar spending policy on infrastructure and military. But in the end this doesn’t have much if anything to do with Trump, it simply shows that he is continuing the nonsense of every past president.
It’s more about the creation of debt at the Federal Reserve as fiat currency is printed out of thin air, centrally planned into oblivion, devaluing by creation, creating vast amounts of debt and inflation at the same time. And as the US dollar inevitably crashes, the global economy goes down as it is the world reserve currency after all. As the US attempts to raise interest rates in order to be able to drop them out once the dollar goes down, they can’t drop it out enough and interest rates will go negative. For this reason they will not be able to salvage the highly manipulated monetary system.
The IMF is pushing for a centrally planned cashless society to implement into the SDR (Special Drawing Rights) which is heavily being tested in China, India, Australia and Sweden, not to mention a major shift towards a centrally planned cashless system in Canada and the United States as well.
This is a reality we must face and stand up to. But moreover, we must prepare ourselves as individuals. We must be financially responsible and self sustainable. We must hold assets and sound, decentralized money. And we must do our own due diligence.

Stay tuned as we continue to cover this issue!

Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson
John Thore Stub Sneisen

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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  • jay deister

    (sorry, this is old news.)

    “The government has embarked upon a journey of total madness. Sorry, this is old news.”

  • Rich Monk

    Behind it all is the racist Jew World Order where all cultures are destroyed through multiculturalism while Israel bans all but the Jewish race to exist and rule the planet. The final goal: The Greater Israel” project. You folks need to understand Jewish History and marxism.

  • misterrobotoC

    For those of you who want to know how money circulation actually works read MMT economics theory. Don’t listen to these clueless clowns who want your charity.

  • james williams

    The only thing that will change this country is a major bloody uprising. Until then, the frog continues to slowly cook….

  • Gail Johnston

    The debt topped 20 trillion when Odumass was there. Many trillion also got LOST under the Odumass administration. The Federal Reserve must be stopped, How did it ever become impossible to get rid of them? How/ Who gave them this power?

  • mk ultra

    My new tax plan, end all taxes, the government can print all the money they want, cause they will anyway, and pay the bills.  The problem is where do they start to cutting? And the FED is like time….endless.

  • aa7r aa7r

    Hey guys just think for yourself: we have to raise the debt ceiling because there is not enough tax revenue coming in. At the same time they are going to kill the tax revenue stream by cutting the over all tax rate, Just wait and see the bubble pop. we are looking at the most fictitious stock market in the history of the nation .

  • Alan Dudley

    Trump can’t change overnight what all these morons have done, before he even got into office. Before Obama left office he obligated us to a 21 trillion dollar debt. So don’t go blaming Trump, he’s doing a good job considering all the ass wipes we’ve let sell us down the river.

  • me you

    Want to do something about it? End the FED. Buy Bitcoin or other crypto coins.


  • Mathieu Belanger-Camden

    I predit, at thi rate, maximum in 3 years, all the money in the world will worth nothing. Bolivia, Venezuela have worth less money fiat.

  • tmp022016 Tmp

    why you don’t speak about they are planning to remove the debt ceiling.
    this will be clean debt, like clean coal, haha..
    how can 300 millions people in US move to gold?? It’s already locked and loaded

  • Derelect5

    There has never been digital fiat nor has there ever been precision digital closed loop control of prices. This is unique to our age and is a game changer. The power of digital control must be part of any analysis.

  • No Fix

    Harry Dent says we have a deflationary wave heading at us! His reasoning and rationale is sound: aging demographics and debt bomb.

  • keith bonham

    I just hope China doesn’t call the USA loans in. Start buying hard assets , gold , silver , Real estate with very low debt on it.

  • Xx AMFJ xX

    You hear a funny accent and think, “oh it must be a expert” Till u realize it’s the same guy saying the same thing everytime. I would ditch that dude lol he has a job don’t worry.

  • Edward Siegel

    Blind leading the blind. This video is very misleading. The only debt worth worrying about is private sector and household debt. The so-called public “debt” is the net financial asset pool of the private sector. It can only be reduced by taking the private sector into deficit. That’s a simple accounting fact that these turkeys don’t seem to get. The $20T is the money left in the people’s hands after government spending is recovered in taxes.

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