The Real Reason Behind Trumps Tweet On Obama’s Wiretap

In this video, we go over the breaking news of James Clapper along with the deep state and main stream media coming to Barack Obam’s defense after Donald Trump tweeted that he wiretapped the Trump tower. We go over the real reason why this happened and the greater rift between the old guard and new guard establishment.

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  • the Chase scene

    Field McConnell (Abel Danger) says he has corresponded with Trump. I’m sure those correspondence included the fact that Serco (the biggest company you never heard of) is “wiretapping” EVERYONE including Marriot (and most likely Trump) Hotels. I think Trump is heeding Fields warnings.

  • Frankamentise

    He didn’t accuse Obama ‘himself.’ When he says Obama, he means Obama ordered it using his intelligence agencies.

  • praetoriancorps

    I know trump is pissed at obama and its a great move. But it is also a Ironic move because donald trump said he wants to expands the nsa and the spying during his campaign. So there is also a bit of hypocrisy in there. But its great that this is happening is coming to the surface for all to see.

  • greenskeeper59

    Know that Trump is well aware before us, the silent coup underway. We are going to experience the largest political upheaval in American History. Top 3? 4? In my estimation the “rulers” lose.

  • J Woods

    Trump has been ready for nearly every move since before the election. He’s killing them by not playing game, he’s taken the offensive and forcing them to respond to him. No politician would strike back in the ways Trump has, ever. They would’ve tucked their tails and ran away, but not Trump, he’s in this for the win.

  • Jonny Olsen

    Trump is a genius. He plays the media like a fiddle. How to take down a narcissist? Give them enough rope to hang themself.

  • Lewis Hatton

    Pretty bullshit that Trump can call them out for wiretapping and yet i garauntee he will continue collecting everyones data what an insane hypocrit.

  • Standardized Exams Master

    Appreciate the calm rational explanation. All I got from Alex Jones was that Trump has a huge dick which he gags on 25/8

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