I Love My Country, But Don’t Ask Me About 9/11

On September 12, 2017 Derrick Broze went to the White House to conduct man on the street interviews. He talks 9/11, division, and more with this woman. See the study Derrick references here: http://www.mintpressnews.com/world-trade-center-building-7-fall-new-study-claims-govt-story-false/231780/

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  • vimanaboy

    WOW. Fucking powerful stuff, man. I think having her wrap it up and leave the way she did may have been more moving and thought provoking than if she had answered. And ending with WTC7 and no editorializing was perfect.

  • Frequencies_Illuminated

    It’s much easier to sleep at night thinking the enemy is thousands of miles away, as opposed to right in their backyard…not to mention our own taxes are funding that kind of operation(s).

  • Carson Wentz

    There’s statues of Stalin in Russia. I’ve seen communist statues in Bulgaria as well.
    My personal opinion is that they should be in a museum. I’m not against destroying them either because we have the internet and books to tell us about history. Most statues are nice works of art though, regardless of what they represent.

  • Kevin Borge

    She’s smart enough to know where you “were going” with the question, but obviously indoctrinated enough to not have any intelligent conversation about it.

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