Massive Cover Up Of Orphanage Evil Exposed

In this video, Jason Bermas thanks the BBC for doing it’s job…journalism. The BBC in conjunction with the Sunday Post has uncovered a mass grave of over 400 children at a Catholic Orphanage, but how far will the investigation go?

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  • SmokeyCRO

    Most people associate faith with religion and religion with church. Today global goal is to destroy not organized religion, but faith itself. So anything bad about those 3 will be pushed and investigated.

  • Zeno1999

    Pedophile priests leaving no trace ! Most Christian sects consider Catholicism demonic ! Where was local government when this happened ?

  • Justin Gudgeon

    Well done, WeAreChange, now you are backing the BBC in more of its fake news. Why is this story true and not others? Don’t you realise this piece of ‘news’ is supposed elicit exactly the sort of comments you see below? Mass grave? Come on, wake up! Every graveyard is a mass grave. The BBC has cooked-up stories like this before, mostly in Ireland. I live near Smyllum and I suggest you look at the details again. I’m so sorry that WeAreChange has fallen for this old trick. Now you’re no different from the MSM.

    402 children died and were laid to rest at Smyllum between 1864 and 1981. That’s 117 years. That equals about 4 children a year, most of these deaths occurring before the discovery of penicillin. Just four a year. Over the same period in the UK Hospitals, 649,467 children died. Where are they buried? Today, about 5500 babies and toddlers die every year in the UK. Where is their ‘mass grave’? What do hospitals do with babies that die as a result of some incurable disease? Do the doctors and nursing staff club together and pay for funerals for them? Are they buried like the 402 buried in Smyllum? No, they’re incinerated at the hospital. At least the nuns at Smyllum gave their little children a decent burial. Sorry WeAreChange, you blew it. I’m unsubscribing.

  • Philip Lishman

    Let’s see. 400 children over a 150 year period – about 2.7 children per year – mostly from a time before emergency medicine, when diseases such as smallpox and polio went largely unvaccinated, without antibiotics, so bacterial infections such as tuberculosis could kill. And this in conditions where children were housed in close proximity.
    This looks like what it is: the atheist BBC – which incidentally supports abortion – taking potshots at the Church.
    Frankly, I’m amazed they managed to keep the mortality so low. These children must have had exceptional care.

  • mc 74 Two

    WAC is a Russian shill channel. Most of those murders took place before 1900 and there has been no link to paedophilia or child trafficking.

  • IWroteThis

    And yet the Catholic church ‘s garments stay as clean as a virgin.
    The church smiles as they feed upon the people.
    Did you ever make the mistake thinking the church was there for you?
    It was there for you, but not in the way which is healthy for you and your family.

  • IWroteThis

    Why aren’t they doing a survey of all the Catholic homes….in the world, to see if this a popular trend of the good fathers and nasty nuns. The same thing happened in Canada. Pretty sure there are more.

  • Saul ToPaul

    This story is about a year old. I wish people would be sure to clarify the difference between Roman Catholic and Christian when they talk about the horrors carried out by the Catholic Church.

  • Alan B'Stard M P

    there have been no bodies found. Paper says up to 400. ” Up to ” is different to a hard figure. Needs a ground penetrating radar to find out. The story has no validity re abuse accusation. Any bodies found will be legally disposed of

    You stupid cunt. Fake news on your part

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