Why People Are TOTALLY Wrong on Trump Russia Hysteria

In this video, we go over the latest Russia hysteria with Donald Trump which is induced by the left, deep state and main stream media. We go over how these assertions are wrong but also should be disappointing to any Donald Trump supporter since there a major break in his campaign promise.

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  • Charge0Complete

    It6’s NOT about “policy so far”…I thought this channel actually had news on it…guess I was wrong. Maybe check out the shell companies between trump and russia before the election. For fucks sake…do some fucking reading.

  • S.S. A

    Summary of the video:

    1. Trump going against Iran, who is an ally of Russia (the ban, and the sanctions, for example)

    2. Replacing Flynn with someone who is tougher on Russia

    3. Trump allowing Turkey (who wants Assad out) to get involved in a civil war inside the region. More chaos possible.

    4. Trump wants a no-fly zone just as Hillary did, which are funded by the Gulf States that fund ISIS

    5. Trump putting sanctions on Russia, until they give back Crimea to Ukraine

  • Eric The Mud-Pit Gladiator Boy

    when is Michael Moore gonna move in with you Luke so yo both can make YT videos together ?

  • Richard Grady

    When will people in this country wake-up to the fact that no one wants peace : our military -industrial complex sets policy here & they will not be denied their profits. Which means you’re talking about convincing Wall Street, just about ALL politicians , all citizens with good paying jobs, and stupid folk that believe someone In Washington gives a damn about them or anything else that is not money or more power to accept money. What you need is a new form of government : how about our once fairly functioning DEMOSRACY?

  • goodolzimm

    Ultimately, if it is the same foreign policy from one administration to the next………then WHOSE foreign policy is it?? Ultimately the wealth of those who influence our politics needs to be reduced so that influence can no longer dictate our country’s future. Follow the money, follow the greed, destroy the influence.

  • JAE, There's nothing like a NA'VI*

    If this is true, then the Big Chair is too big for Trump too, as it was for O’blame’a, who acted like a God in it! If Trump is actually reversing his campaign promises that We The People supported him on, then the whole world is SCREWED! I didn’t vote for an Obama Clone, I voted for an O’blame’a Destroyer who said that he could bring us prosperity and peace with our neighboring Super Powers! Luke, if this is what you are seeing out of Trump, we have a’ Turncoat’ on our hands & All of us are DOOMED to a perpetual war with a giant Mushroom Cloud to end our miserable lives! We The People need to call Jesus to come or pray for a Superman from Krypton, to shake some sense into Donald Trump and see through his Worm Tongue Advisors before he does something really Stupid! Because Trump has not arrested George Soros, Hitlary and O’blame’a for Treason, I suspect that you are right about Donald Trump being a Paid ‘George Soros Puppet’!

  • seanlaca

    Other than the second amendment (assuming he keeps his promise on that), I honestly don’t find ANY redeeming value in Trump at this point. He’s flipped flopped on almost every promise he’s made other than the so-called “terrorist” ban (though he didn’t include Saudi Arabia) which has now been nullified by the courts. So someone of the Trump cult, explain to me what redeeming value does Trump have?

  • M.R Steengrei

    😀 😀 :D. whoever is responsible for the intro photo should be given the outstanding photo editting award of the 21st centuary 😀 it’sgod damned ggoooood 😀

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