What’s Really Happening In North Korea

In this video investigative journalists, Luke Rudkowski and James Corbett of the Corbett Report discuss the disastrous geopolitical situation with Kim Jong-un of North Korea. We go over the position of China, Russia, and the U.S in this situation. As missile defense systems are being set up in South Korea which is causing a conflict between these world powers.

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  • Henrik Wallin

    The Trump administration has to keep the military happy to be able to dismantle the out of control intelligence services and all the hired mercenaries. The strategy now is to pretend that everything is just like normal and consolidate power.

    China will be dealt with in a similar way as the Soviet Union was broken up, but hopefully in a less destructive way. Generally this is a great opportunity to push for more local governance and bigger personal freedom.

  • Fatalsprigs

    Make no mistake, china wants to expand its control over the pacific area. They are trying to claim that man made Islands are considered chinese territory and the united nations refuses to recognize it as native land. Fuck china and fuck north korea, south korea has every right to arm themselves. Kim jung un has no real logical decision making capabilities, he’s been brain washed since he was a kid. He probably don’t even know what nuclear fall out is. Russia is not going to have a nuclear war with america, putin is probably the most reasonable world leader there is at the moment.

  • Mario Jones

    ive never been for an invasion because of how unpredictable the north is and we dont know where all the nuclear materials are..i think its necessary that the US, China, and Russia unite for an invasion and rid of the world of the regime for good..If they hit fukushima with those missiles, its over for the world much quicker than is already happening..They know what theyre doing by firing missiles into the sea of japan..Trump is unqualified to make common sense predictions of ‘very bad hombres’..trump protects the south with missile defense while kim pump fakes to the east..the world loses.

  • David Porter

    No. That wouldn’t work. Under no circumstances will the US Administration stop the war games with South Korea, nor should they. All it would take is the US abandoning South Korea, and South Korea would be no more. Do not make the mistake thinking the South would take over the peninsula. We would then have a MUCH larger enemy.

    Those games (war preparation) are done ANNUALLY. The South/America would never invade/attack North Korea if the North would stop its posturing.

    Also, the United States Military has a way they prepare… They stay ready for anything with these drills. In the military, if you are not prepared, you are dead.

    Anyone who says otherwise is selling something, lying, or simply have no fucking clue what it’s like to be in the military. I served 12 years in the United States Navy. I fought and my brothers and sisters died for your ignorance. Make their deaths worth something and educate yourselves.

  • Leung Man Chi 梁文智

    Just one point: Please do not think the Beijing Government is a single entity, with the internal power struggle between the President Xi and one of his predecessor who probably allied with Washington, many things you’ve seen on the surface are not really under control by Beijing even though it’s look like come from Beijing.

  • David Porter

    Trade with North Korea… What in the sam hell do they have we would be remotely interested in? Rice? Seafood? Seriously. It’s not like North Korea is a Haven of Technology.

  • EyesOpen37

    Ed dames and his remote viewers see North Korea launching a nuke at South Korea that precedes the Nibiru passing.

  • Allen Yoo

    what da fuck is this? if you want yo cover current event of korea peninsula, then have someone who really understands recent war history of koreas. and why attacking trump suddenly? what solution you guys proposing? i’ve lost grandpas from korean wars, and have studies histories surrounding koreas. and i will say this 11min video is most stupid clown show i’ve seen on something that is very serious. get this shit right or get da fuck off the line.

  • Gerald Parker

    Wow! James Corbett with you, the Feisty Frisker! Two of my favourite research and activist dudes TOGETHER!!!

  • Carl Harrison

    Israel are sitting back waiting for an earthquake to kick off under the mount of olives and boom, it’ll all kick off as was predicted – im no bible basher btw, its just everything in there has happened and theres not much left before the big finale

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