Conspiracy Therapy: How important is the Flat Earth Theory?

In this video Walter of BrainFeed Canada explores the question: How important is the Flat Earth Theory?

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  • ISometimesWin

    Completely agree. The Earth being flat or not, isn’t important. People need
    to underlying issues such as: government is slavery, All order followers
    (police/ military) being immoral people, anarchy, natural law, mind control
    methodologies, false flags, media being controlled… Etc….

  • keflar5

    There is no….on top of that. To say you believe the earth is flat is
    automatically a living breathing attack of other peoples reality. There is
    no choice as to what the truth is when you have a curious mind. I
    understand where you are coming from but where is the change really going
    to come from if it is not from something that unites people and sets them
    apart from the masses. There is no reasoning with the idiot masses, it is
    better to show your colours, be spurned, hated, laughed at come to
    conclusion that you must get with like minded people….. your gang, gangs
    is what power is all about and power is everything. FUCK THE MAINSTREAM
    stop dreaming ffs.

  • Nine Eleven

    The coolest thing about the flat Earth science, is that you can go out and
    make your own observations. You don’t need to uncover the truth. You can go
    out and watch the Sun get smaller as it moves toward the horizon from

  • Nine Eleven

    People can’t agree on the problems or the solutions. We are doomed. So why
    not have fun and explore the science of the flat earth?

  • Nine Eleven

    The flat earth truth is a way to get the mainstream people to stop
    listening to the media ever. Why not hit them with truth?

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