How Many More Syrians SLAUGHTERED Before Public Outrage?

In today’s emergency broadcast, Christopher Greene of AMTV warns How Many More Syrians SLAUGHTERED Before Public Outrage?
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About The Author


  • David Lutz

    you know this is kind of why I’m not going to say much when disaster hits here. Because when you talk about this stuff 98% of people don’t give a damn. A little Ole Boston bombing happens and three people allegedly died and his outrage and martial law and troops on the streets. But unmanned drone bomb strikes killing tens of thousands means nothing to the same people. So let the destruction come

  • James True

    Trump is a Jewish Zionist puppet, you shouldn’t have voted for him Chris. I know I didn’t, I was always suspicious about why he loved Zionist Israel.

  • Serg Grig

    oh wow Israeli secret Intelligence service didn’t even exist before Obamas involvement? Mr.Green please do your research, crap like this discredits your good work

  • bakishamil

    Chris,,,,.masses in American are lazy, stupid, afraid sheep. Some of us have soul and heart and you my friend have both soul and heart

  • Michael Elsey

    The movie Deadpool shows a normal man turned into a superhero, with superpowers, by putting him face to face with death. By cutting off his airflow and making his brain think that he is going to die, but he doesn’t. His body has the ability to either choose death or choose to transform into something he never thought possible. So, the question is, why does he have to go through the experience of dying to become the “god” that he turns into. And yes, this is a movie, they make movies out of ideas like this to keep people under the impression that it is JUST a movie and it CANNOT happen in real life. And so they tie the knot with the movie and throw away the key. And here we are again with a brain that will not allow any further growth. The brain is the gate and it is locked. We have to unlock the gate, that is the only reason that we exist on earth.

  • utube

    Chris i told u man i told u ur president trump is another Zionist puppet working for the interests of his Zionists partners i mean c’mon u look at the situation and u can see it clearly

  • FromHere2Eternity

    People believe the lies the government & mainstream media feed them. The comments show ignorance/denial. They think you are crazy🙄 those poor brainwashed sheepeople.
    I’m married to a sheepeople.
    I just need the courage to leave.

  • Simply Leet

    I heard trump is now funding the ypg/pkk in Syria, looks like we have a new terrorist organisation rising. This is similar to al-Qaeda who was funded and trained by the CIA and U.S government. You will see a Kurdish and Arab war in Syria soon, engineered by the USA…. The Arabs aren’t going to be happy about this.

  • Alex Hernandez

    in these last days…WE NEED THIS PASSION….thank you Chris…we are the last generation the bible speaks of….if people cant feel the evil is surrounding us then they deserve whats comin….WE ARE LIVING IN BORROWED TIME

  • Brandon A.

    so what’s your suggestion brother ? How do we destroy Isis ? Bombing them will modt definitely take them out but also create civilian casualties , sending in the Marines will be more effective but at the cost of our men ! So how do you do it ?ISIS needs to be destroyed period , along with the fucking cunts who put them in power , I don’t know of any other way maybe some kind of blockade on the region , no one allowed in or out , try and remove the civilians before said blockade , starve them out ? IDK ?

  • TheTVisions

    Spot on again, Chris. When I first saw those hired killers called ISIS appear on the stage, I knew it was fake and our next big enemy to fight. It’s all to keep an industry of war going and keeping the status quo balance of power. It’s distraction from other issues and the MSM is their messenger, making you buy the bullshit that is more phony than a 3 dollar bill. The Jihadi John videos are nothing but fakes, the so-called hostages are agents playing a part. It’s all about serving some geopolitical agenda. Anybody can watch the Western hostage videos with ease, they show nothing no blood no death they’re designed for viewers in the West. It’s good old-fashioned war propaganda, the bloody parts are not meant for TV audiences but the journalists in the press and media to convince them, primarily. Lots of tell-tale signs; no blood, fade to black, fake wind sounds, CG inserted heads on bodies, shaking of still images showing the bodies so to appear as if video, panning quickly away up from ‘head’ on ground to John, etc. So many clues but the sheep will not see it, only the smart viewer will. You don’t even need eagle eyes just a little knowledge on computers and video to see how fake it is. Pretty scary thought, realizing the world’s being duped this way by some murderous Cabal and they have control of the MSM fo this purpose.

  • horsefaceemily

    Trump STOP ! your joozz war, he wont he`s part of It, you will see only people power will get your country back.

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