How to Make Butter

In this episode, the Blonde Buttermaker makes butter!

Welcome to the kitchen of The Blonde Buttermaker. Join me as I bring power back into the home while returning to vibrant health and radiant living. How to’s and tips for food and nutrition.

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About The Author


  • Corpus Innominata

    Girl if you eat too much of that butter you will become the Blonde Butterball! LOL

    But seriously though. When civil unrest kicks off and we find that the Black Block and Antifa have smashed out the windows and looted the shelves of the local grocery stores we are going to have to have a plan. We need videos describing what plants are edible and what are poisonous. How to get clean drinking water. How to make a food out of cereal grasses and such.

    Winning a civil war is about 20% combat and 80% logistical. Like the generals say, never out pace your breadline.

  • Jim Deecken

    Very informative overview of the process. My current favorite supermarket version is Kate’s Homemade Butter from Maine, sea salted. If unsalted, I add Himalayan salt.

  • The VeGAINator

    Buttermaker should quit promoting and making food items that are detrimental to peoples health.. especially for europeans.. butter.. bone broth and etc are not healthy or good for peoples health.. go more plant based products.. which is what the majority of people are lacking.. fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.. Fiber, micronutrients, and antioxidants.. is what reduces obesity, chronic illnesses and diseases.. ((they)) do not want people to go more plant based because it will make you healthier and contribute less money to the medical/pharmaceutical companies and ((Monsanto)) GMO crops.. I made a video about this titled ((They)) do not want you to go Vegan..

  • kmg501

    The war against animal fat has been a giant farce, maybe even a crime. I eat butter every single day and I’m nearly at my ideal body weight for my height and body build. There hasn’t been margarine in my household for last 25 years. The establishment still despises people like Dr Atkins but he got it right and was way ahead of his time on this issue, he had thousands of studies in his clinic.


    when i was a kid, we milked our cow, separated the cream from the milk, and into a churn, which we churned by hand and made into butter

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