The Rebel Calls AltRight Stupid Cuz Race Has Nothing to Do With Culture

Rebel Media released a video featuring a black Canadian called “Altright White Nationalists Are Stupid.” Henrik & Lana break it apart.

This is an excerpt from the twenty ninth episode of Weekend Warrior, a live show available to Red Ice Members.

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  • Andrew Eriksson

    Niggers like Jay Fayza, along with other similar, low IQ minorities, think it’s a right of theirs to come to a westernwhite nation and live there–what a fucking arrogant prick. They come here because : A) Whites have become individualistic and delusional; B) Low IQ ethnicities are parasitic by nature. But they think they have a RIGHT to live in the west. OUR ancestors built, fought, died, evolved, raised, created, developed these lands, WE are directly connected to the land, to the culture, to the civilization OUR race has built throughout generations. Immigration is a GIFT, WE granted them, not a RIGHT they have to any of these lands. He believes, no country should be allowed to decide who enters their own lands, and if that’s the case then I’d ask him this : you probably have absolutely nothing agains’t colonization right? You have absolutely no problem if Whites started ocupying and taking over African and Asian countries again and had power over them. Lets turn the west into 95%+ white countries again, like they were in the past, rebuilt our militaries in Europe, team up with the US and Russia, and start colonizing Africa, the Middle East and Asia.Let’s send thousands or even millions of our own men and women to these countries, settle there, change their culture, laws, religion and racial demographics and create a white empire. But the thing is : the alt-right’s purpose isn’t rulling over other countries and other people, it’s purpose is regaining power to rule OUR countries–that’s it! But it seems, to these parasitic niggers like Jay Fayza, who can only thrive in white countries, retaining our homogeny is agains’t the “rules”, because then, parasites like him won’t be able to come in so easily isn’t it? What’s also funny, is that the only reason blacks have the chances they have in the west and live okay-ish or even rich lives, is because of the fact that WE rule them. The moment blacksarabsindianshyspanicsgypsies are in charge of western countries, all hell will break loose, and these parasitic blacks like Jay Fayza, will no longer be able to prosper the way they do today. What a bunch of self-entitled assholes, and yet they talk about “white previlege”, they should really consider themselves previleged, for having the chance to migrate to another people’s country and even bitch about it so freely! What an opressive, authoritarian, racist, xenophobic society they live in, indeed…

  • MeebleMeeble

    Who is this camel looking google and why did the controlled opposition Rebel Media hire his ugly ass to lecture whites about what to do in their own countries?

  • NoRace

    The slippery slope of white Nationalism
    Ideas enacted = behavior
    behavior = culture
    culture = race behavior
    race behavior = natural science
    natural science= absolute Truth
    absolute Truth = discovered by “whites.”
    All great discoveries made by “whites”= internal need to preserve culture = preserve race behavior = reinstate segregation = government power to ethnically cleanse the country…then they wonder why people compare them to the perceived idea people hold of NAZIs

  • Douvres B

    So pleased I unsubbed from Rebel Media earlier this year. The main reason was Rebel uploaded so many videos each day it was clogging up my subscription feed 👎🏼

  • NoRace

    List 10 things that explimify objective the quality of “White” Culture that aren’t based on wide sweeping generalizations and Statistics. What makes YOU Objectively better than THAN Me?

  • Brian Stupar

    The Rebel is controlled opposition. 100%. I figured that out the first few times I watched it. Notice how the only topic they focus on is the basic LEFT vs. RIGHT paradigm. Left is bad, Right is good. And, in the current context, that’s mostly true. But they never get beyond that to ask deeper questions, as Red Ice does. The Rebel would never dare to discuss Jewish hegemony, the Jesuits, or Freemasonry. They don’t even expose hoaxes. Notice how the reporters at The Rebels accept in toto everything the MSM reports as ‘news.’

  • Goodbye Google

    Watch Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow they are all jew-ed.. pushing for no two blue eyed people hooking up and if so not for long. Each script is nothing more than hate the blue eyed man and mix races. That’s 3 popular sci fi tv shows right now. Comedic books didn’t even originally have this push. Is there any place in the world without diversity and pure blue eyed white people? if so where? so I can contribute.

  • Rob Porter

    People like Jay Fayza are extremely confused. This is what happens when you grow up as a minority in a white country, you either end up resenting white people and blaming them for your group’s failings, or you end up desperately trying to force yourself and others to believe that your ancestry, your ethnicity, your history, the culture of your parents and their parents means nothing. You end up as a rootless, soulless entity where money is all that matters to you and you want others to share your misery.

    You will never be white Jay, no matter how hard you try. No matter how long you live in a majority white country, no matter how good your grasp of the English language is, no matter how much you oppose SJW’s and groups like blm, no matter how much you champion capitalism and western civilisation, no matter how nerdy you dress, no matter how many times you’ve seen Lord of the rings, no matter how much you love Nickelback, no matter how white your gf is, no matter if you have half white babies. You will never be white and neither will they.

  • John Le

    I am very glad we have Rebel media in Canada,to counter the lying press.They are the only one doing so.They address white guilt,the myth of white privileges,the madness of our refugee policies and many more harms to the country.

  • Mike Flagger

    It’s all about the shekels , where’s there smoke there’s fire , where’s there’s people promoting cultural relativism there’s jews behind it.

  • Sonia Castro

    Mexicans are the best race,and have he best culture as long as you have indigenous Mayan Aztec Zapotec Toltec which is a the same bloodline….Europeans invaded the world originally Europeans had nothing invented nothing they got their ideas from Mexicans, Mexican indians

  • MrCool Mug

    Over 100,000 subscribers. More than 100,000 people in the world are red pilled.

    We are not a small internet shit-posting community anymore, we’re more than that.

  • Mr Upyours

    I am curious about something … What is the alt-rights view on wellfair programs ? Are u alt-righters for or against wellfair programs (for lets say the old and sick natives of a country) …. I hope some of u can inlighten me on this topic 😎 greetings from a curious newbie 😃

  • MrCool Mug

    Oh okay, so he admits that whites are declining in their own countries. If I’m white and I oppose that, how exactly does he expect us to change that situation, unless we talk about ending mass immigration?

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