Truth About Kurd and Catalan Referendum For Independence, Disgusting UK Prime Minister Exposed

In this video, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange gives you the latest breaking news on the Catalan referendum for independence, the repercussions of the Kurdish independence movement, Donald Trump’s pressure on Facebook, some thoughts on Puerto Rico, Monsanto being banned by the EU parliament and a lot more.

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  • ImageSounds

    That’s some democracy coming from Spain right?

    On a serious note, that’s pretty nuts that police collided

    As for the kurds, I can understand why they would want their own land, on the other hand I can understand why the other countries wouldn’t especially Syria. The US and israel wants to use the kurds as plan B in a Land grab seeing that their plan of letting Isis take down Assad has basically failed. They will use the kurds to do their dirty work by giving them guns. In exchange they want some of that oil

  • Artspeak Central

    The Kurds were stripped of their homeland by Great Britain and France that mapped out `the new look` Middle East.

    The Kurds have been risking life and limb in the battle against ISIS and other Terrorist groups and have shown more courage and determination for peace in the Middle East than any other nationality.

    The Kurdish people have a right to their OWN home country and the rest of World, including Middle Eastern countries, need to recognize this and NOT stand in opposition to what we all know is just. Viva la Kurdistan

  • Let us all be indigos

    With the internet porn epidemic, in the future, sex crimes will only increase. Ten and eleven year old children have free access to all types of porn at their fingertips. They are doing this during critical times of their brain development. There are those who get into pedophilia because they are solely attracted to children, but the more common reason is due to sexual addiction. These will keep moving onto more and more hardcore material, because the material that they were using is no longer giving them the effect that it once did. You would think that law makers would make some type of effort to keep porn controlled to adult book stores only. But porn is big money, and the people with the money have power. It is sort of like allowing children to use drugs in order to get future customers. As a result sex crimes will skyrocket, including sex trafficking and pedophilia.

  • Ray Rivera

    Losing her FB account because she revealed fraud in the Kurdish referendum, that’s some next level censorship. They’re going for total censorship of social media, just like they have for old media.

  • Vitoman901

    I personally know kurds that hate their leader (he’s a corrupt mf:er) and don’t want independence because they will just become a puppet of the US, Israel and globalists.

  • Michael Siino

    I still think luke is a shill, like mark dice and alex jones. There is a few things he will NEVER touch on. But you have to figure that out for yourselves.

  • Odilo von Steinitz

    *This outrage is not an aberration of the Spanish Government.* Rajoy’s actions show how paper-thin the patina of democracy really is on the face of the European Union!

    How the benign mask of participatory democracy comes off and the jackboots come out at the earliest opportunity, *glaringly exposing the brazen New World Order tyranny we all know the European Union really stands for.*

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