Weekend Warrior Ep45 – Infiltration Is The New Normal for Alt-Right & Antifa

Weekend Warrior is a weekly live show that covers news, entertainment and culture from an Identitarian perspective.

The show opens on the Swede who went “undercover with the Alt-Right” claiming he captured “new and shocking” footage of the true Alt-right. On the flip side, Crowder’s producer infiltrated and filmed a small antifa cell plotting violence. Meanwhile in Sweden, The Nordic Resistance Movement marched the streets of Gothenburg in protest of their traitorous politicians while clashing with the police.

Lana comments on the Harper’s Magazine cover story about her claiming that she supports a movement that is hostile to women and other leftist nonsense. Henrik comments on an Amy Goodman video about mass media claiming that communists and immigrants are the media’s boogeyman, not Whites.

Also discussed is the Sudanese man in Tennessee who walked into a church and began shooting White people in revenge for Charleston and anti-White hysteria on American campuses.

Later, Lana talks about an official study using synthetic oxytocin on Caucasian test subjects in order to make them love migrant invaders and in commie California, the Rocklin Academy School board rejected the ability for parents to opt their children out of transgender brainwashing courses.

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  • Peter Walker

    It s funny how these leftards forget that communism has killed more people in total and per capita than the Nazis ever did.
    Why do these lefties look so unhealthy and constipated?

  • crippling autism

    fuck off with the pro-hitler shit. neo-nazi edgelords need to be shunned if the alt right is to grow substantially. that and it’s just stupid.

  • jemielnic

    Abolishing slavery – fine. Marxist and against nature of things, but fine.
    But suffragette movement – big mistake. Whites are too much egalitarian. It will be our our demise. In future – take females voting rights or go dodos.

  • Thorshammer

    As a believer in the Old Gods, i have been stunned to recently learn of attempts of non germanic people wanting to join. Dont these people have their own ancestral Gods ? Why must they push in on my ancestral religion ?

  • Malachi Horowitz Sixmillionstein Lampshadeberg

    In reality Europe is heading for widespread civil unrest which will rapidly escalate into civil within the next few decades, it doesn’t take a genius to work that out. I hand on heart can guarantee Europe will only become increasingly more dangerous until it reaches boiling point, unless drastic measures are taken. Rough, turbulent times are ahead for Europeans, that is for certain. It makes me sad to say but at this rate a lot of Europeans are going to die, whatever the outcome. Though to die a slow death of miscegenation and capitulation to alien race(s) would most certainly be worse.

    Edit: Why does Steven Crowder have such a high pitched voice? He’s such an annoying faggot.

  • Tasso Maragos

    Lana lovely smile as always Henrik welcome back after the hack. I love the show listen and subscribed not a member as yet apologies for that. Keep waking the worthy population of the facts. Thank u.

  • rkellum35

    Lana and Henrik are the world’s sexiest couple (physically and intellectually)…the whole package! P.S. Who did that boy’s “undercover” wardrobe…Bob Fosse?! He’s so contrived that he looks like he just stepped out of the film Cabaret. And I don’t think he’d really feel threatened unless he was caught trying to diddle one of those guys after they fall asleep from their horns of mead. LOL

  • C.D. Random

    Lowering the jail time for those that volunteer to remove their ability to reproduce is a bad idea. Those that actually learn from their mistake can’t teach the next generation not to make that mistake based on first hand knowledge in those circumstances. The better option would be to go from a penalty based punishment to a rehabilitation-based punishment.

  • Literally Pepe

    that Newsweek article @1:10:00 about Molyneux and the Sudanese shooter;

    ‘an apocryphal and RACIST statistic implying Sudanese people have lower IQs than whites’…. 

    I assume is a protracted euphemism for the word FACT

  • PuggiTheGreat

    Wælcyrge, Wælcyrie, Valkyrie, a Fae species charged with taking the souls of great warriors, both Fae and human, to Valhalla after their deaths in battle. They answer to Freyja, who is in charge of balancing the “books” about souls taken to the under realms. Go go Lana !

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