Anke Van dermeersch – Women Against the Islamization of Europe

Anke Van dermeersch is vice president of the Belgian Senate and president of the organization “Women Against Islamization.” A member of Vlaams Belang, in the 1990s she was Miss Belgium and runner-up for Miss Universe. She is a lawyer and author of the bestselling book Neither Whore Nor Slave–Women Against Islam.

To begin, we discuss Anke’s background, including her transition from modeling to law, which eventually led to a career in politics. We then talk about the Flemish people, and Anke outlines the history of Belgium. Next, we discuss how mass immigration in recent years hasn’t resulted in a melting pot, but rather an increasing number of ethnic enclaves whose inhabitants are hostile to native Belgians. Switching gears, we discuss the ongoing Islamization of Belgium – in particular, how this process has affected women. Anke then tells us about the burka ban which she proposed as a member of Flemish parliament. Later, we talk about fertility rates in Europe, Vlaams Belang, and Anke’s book, Neither Whore Nor Slave–Women Against Islam.

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  • Johan Ofinlohigh

    All proud Europeans (real Europeans) need to move to Slavic countries. The west is either dead or dying fast, and it’s an incurable cancer. Unless out lord and savior Adolf Hitler has a second coming and is successful this time, our people are totally screwed.

  • Shawn M

    There is no rape culture in the west but with feminism idiocy and mass immigration there will be. Repeal the immigration act!

  • NewJerseyMilitia

    Where are the men in Brussels, kill all foreign invaders. Buy an ak and get a group together and walk down the street and shoot them all. Kill the pests. .

  • M I C H

    Antwerp is lost, so many migrants walking around in the centrum, just hanging around stealing and robbing people.

  • Daniel Hammarberg

    I wish she’d be against the mongrelization of Europe instead. I mean, the biological nature of the immigrants is the problem, not their religion.

  • rbh3rd

    There is nothing wrong with being a racist . All cultures and races are not equal !! . When a child pretends that her toys can talk or fly , it is adorable. But when full grown adults pretend that there is no difference in race and cultures , and that we are all equal. That’s insanity.

  • aaddaadd bbssbbss

    So women can no longer walk around dressed like sluts, sending lots of sexual signals without getting called up for it.

    … what a horrible scenario.

    I fucking HATE Islam more than I hate anything else in this universe.
    But let me tell you, the way young women behave in Western society today –
    is fucking DISGUSTING – and hops in on #2 for most despicable behaviors we face today.

  • lesyeuxduciel

    I like this lady, and what she is doing is admirable, but Europe is too far gone to be fought for with legislation and legal channels. European men need to wake up and do something radical, because pussyfooting around the problem is exactly what the enemy wants, it’s as effective as threatening godzilla with a nerf gun.

  • Ascending Stargazer

    Western Europe is headed for cultural suicide! RIP civilization. You’ve brought this upon yourselves with mass “immigration”, political correctness, censorship and ostracization of true patriots, and allowing minarets to rise and the cross to fall.

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