BREAKING: HALF Of The Daily Global Silver Production Was Just DUMPED In Minutes!

Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about the recent breaking story that half of the daily global silver production was dumped in a matter of minutes. The culprits appear to be unknown but it resulted in a 4% fall in value leading to some temporary panic.
As John Sneisen notes, we are living in very interesting times. We are seeing things that we’ve never seen before.
In the video, John breaks down what exactly this means as very few people if any are actually talking about it.
In 2016, Deutsche Bank, HSBC, Scotia Bank, BNP Paribas and several other big banks were caught red-handed manipulating the price of silver and gold. Since the peak in 2012, both silver and gold have been in an artificial bear market, while in actuality they’ve been in a bull market. The big banks and funds like the ESF (Exchange Stabilization Fund) have been manipulating the price for years while eastern countries buy up and hoard gold and silver. Of course, countries like Canada and Venezuela have sold off basically all of their gold while the United States’ gold supply is a mystery.
There is a major power shift happening and it’s time people start asking the questions that need to be asked. Why do globalist financiers and bankers have such a huge interest in manipulating the price of gold and silver while hoarding it? Many of you can imagine the answer to that question, but as debt builds up under the current fiat currency system and bubbles inflate in the markets like we’ve never seen before, sound money is an important asset for the insurance of free individuals and perhaps it’s about time those individuals take back their wealth and turn away from the destructive quantitative easing and currency manipulation of the state and banking complex.

Stay tuned for further news on this explosive development!

Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson
John Thore Stub Sneisen

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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  • TimmyChonga

    I agree with John 100% Hyperinflation is the ONLY route a government will take if it can choose the way it goes out. Deflation kills banks and govt. Inflation feeds banks and govt.

  • Erhard Dinges

    Rigging goes on as long as fake money is on the road. Nothing new! It is allowed and there is no poltitcian to blame for!?

  • sunwarz

    Was it paper silver or physical silver that was dumped, if it was paper it was probably worthless anyways and will never, be circulated or seen in a physical market! Just more manipulation and mind games! They just destroyed some peoples port folio’s! Everything is being manipulated, there is no true numbers any longer, its all fiction!

  • TruztNo1

    It is a chart from the market when the market silver is going up meants silver is strong when silver going down it means the USDollar strong.. The more bad regulations and bad spending Canada don’t get real investment and many small businesses force to close and you are the ones who keep the medium class..

  • Run Dat Back Productions

    you’re right i have this channel on notify and it won’t notify me when you have a video upload.
    Anarchist is the answer

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