In today’s video, Christopher Greene of AMTV reports onMichael Savage Assaulted by Radical Leftest.
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About The Author


  • Edward Philoctete

    They willing serve Satan! Masons are at the root of the moral collapse of this country. Evil people have no regard for no one but themselves.

  • johnup53

    let get it on I want to kick there asses all the way back to hell is that all they can do is bet up a old man try me you fffffffffff ass hhhhhhhhhhh

  • Kip Paseo

    I’m a BIG President Trump supporter and I don’t condone violence HOWEVER as someone who has witnessed Weiner out in public before and I can tell you that he is known to be a belligerent drunk.  As someone who was once a fan of his I was excited to see him come into the Chinese  restaurant  in Boca where we were eating until he put his dog on top of the table while his MUCH younger and VERY flamboyant  “companion” proceeded to feed the dog with a fork.  I don’t know what the manager said to him as he approached the table but suddenly Weiner started shouting “SHUT UR MOUTH THE DOG HAS MORE OF A RIGHT TO BE HERE THAN YOU DO SO GO BACK TO WHATEVER 3RD WORLD SHITHOLE YOU CAME HERE FROM!!!”  The rest of his visit consisted of him loudly talking to his “companion”  peppered with profanity. He didn’t seem to care that there was children in the restaurant as well I suspect cuz he was SOOO inebriated. This was about 11-12 years ago which is ashamed because t woulda been a great video to sell to TMZ but I guess I wasn’t the only one that hadn’t gotten a phone with a video camera yet and if I did I didn’t know how to use it yet. LOL

  • John S

    Hypothetically, is balance need from radical right? (Alex Baldwin 28 East 10th Street, Penthouse Apt Manhattan.) People in NYC always riding bicycles. Sliding door on cargo van works between parked cars via fast opening passenger door and quick action from slider, Brooklyn Style, again as hypothetical. In adage: Hammurabi’s Code, an eye for an eye.

  • BooshDakta phil

    Michael, What psychedelics do you like, and which do you hate, (even the legal ones like alcohol), and which have you done. ???

  • Lynetta

    Soros is NeoLiberal aka Faschist. A nutcase attacked Savage. Check it out. It may have been a set up so you can say on your show “this is how the left reacts” cause they want a Civil War. Not even. Politically correct is a Republican phrase. Me and the 40% that are FDR/JFK liberals, I hate all violence, meanness, greed arrogance and Soros but I never get on the news, any kind but I sure get accused of a lot of stuff day after day that I would never do by said media so they can get listeners aka $$$

  • Max Headroom

    Unbelievable… One of the first to open my eyes… truly a great voice for the people… to be honest, the issues pointed out by him caused my blood pressure to go up so high; I actually had to start listening to Christian sermons (about 2hrs daily) .. have been for years now… I suppose now watching AMTV shows I am a glutton for punishment… May God Bless Mr Savage and the Savage Nation…. and AMTV…

  • Jake Linden

    who cares he is controlled opposition. thinks weed is the most dangerous drug. uninformed or a controlled op agent

  • acgillespie

    Any Man that has or is seen with a fucking Poodle is No Man period….That is why he lives in the land of Queers and freaks

  • Mr. Wright

    Ya know, this San Francicko freak better hope none of us find out his name because like him or not, Savage is the Godfather of True Conservatism and if anything happens to him, I don’t think they realize how many followers and friends he actually has that don’t just listen to him, but Love him like a Father, a brother, and a friend! He’s one of the very few, true Conservatives left who didn’t sell out and he’s been boycotted by most of the so called Conservative and right wing institutions because of it and still remained true! And the rest didn’t and that’s why they’ve gotten their asses kicked for as long as they have by these Socialist Communist Liberals and this time, those of us who have followed the course set by Savage and made him the most listened to in the Country, chose the Candidate for the Party and that’s why we won! And I still feel that we would not have won with anyone else but Trump! And we’ll be damned if some freak fuckin Liberal douche bag is gonna attack or even take out someone we love as much as Savage or the Candidate that we put in the Whitehouse, President Trump! All I can say is for the true Patriots out there, just be prepared for what may be destined, and it very well might even be brought to us by them!

  • Sakyagirl

    The left is very threatened by differing opinions. They espouse open borders but lack the basic tolerance and acceptance for political differences. Very hypocritical. Do they comprehend this election was a choice between Globalism and Nationalism?

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