Americans Prefer Death by Meteor to Clinton or Trump – #NewWorldNextWeek

Welcome to New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. In this week’s episode:

Story #1: Bill and Loretta’s Meeting Scandal Is Every Clinton Scandal In Miniature
Clinton Offers New Contract To Attorney General
In Clinton Case, Obama Administration Nullifies Six Criminal Laws
ICC Won’t Investigate Blair, But Might Prosecute Soldiers
Chilcot Report: 2003 Iraq War Was “Unnecessary”

Story #2: 13% of Americans Prefer Death By “Giant Meteor” Over Clinton Or Trump
The Story Behind The sElection’s Best Bumper Sticker
#MorningMonarchy: Disdain For Trump/Clinton So Strong, Even the Dead Are Campaigning

Story #3: China Completes World’s Biggest Radio Telescope In Search Of Alien Life
#MorningMonarchy: Juno Space Probe Arrives At Jupiter
Vivian Kubrick Re: Faked Moon Landings

#GoodNewsNextWeek: Give Grandma a Bong Hit Because Pot Beats Alzheimer’s + California Reservoir & Ozone Heal

#NewWorldNextWeek Headlines: USGS Worker Falsified Test Results Affecting Research Projects For Years
This Is Your Brain On Bad Data: fMRI Bugs Could Upend Years Of Research
British Gas Offers Free Weekend Electricity If You Install Smart Meters
Obama To “Substantially Sweeten” Largest Military Aid Package Ever
UK Police Access Civilian Data For Fun And Profit
Starbucks Workers Learn The Grim Reality Of A Higher Minimum Wage

Previous Episode: Wall Street Answers When You Call 911


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  • UnitDave

    Ball Earth in the intro and running on a laptop in the background. Meteors.
    Search for alien life. Gravitational waves. Juno. Moon landings. Alien
    Snap out of it people. You don’t live on a magical, tilted, wobbling,
    spinning, rotating, revolving, spiraling, shooting, vacuum sealed ball.

  • Planetgonenuts

    The two turds I am talking about are NOT these two fine gentlemen from the
    Corbett Report and Media Monarchy who are exposing the turds I am talking
    about. Goto that link I provided and take a look.

  • Mr. R

    Great show James, you made me laugh this morning and trust me I needed
    it… Thank you. I believe a new Giant Meteor poll would reveal the numbers
    are ever increasing in favor of this event vs. the even worse alternitive.
    Count me in…

  • ufoimtc

    Globalists and Godless fags hate Trump, so he must be the right choice for
    POTUS. To Hell with the globalist NWO cabal & suicidal losers.

  • uhatefree speech

    every LEAP by mankind has been followed by other men, without FAIL

    i would think going to the moon is no bigger a leap

    with current technology should be a walk in the park, oh wait a minute

  • Ben R

    Thanks gents. The Chilcot report was 2 million words and no results just as
    you say. In the live speech by Chilcot he indicated the UK and the US as
    much as Blair and Bush even though millions protested before the war we did
    not want.

  • Adam Scullion

    Radio telescope, if using radio waves, how do radio signals propagate
    through the van allen radiation belt, it cant.

  • Doogie Houser

    The media campaign to smear Trump ignores the fact that he packs more
    football stadiums than any other presidential candidate in US history.

  • malus911

    America has been bitched slapped for decades. Why would they get up in arms
    about this? They’ve been cuckold by the globalists. Talk is pointless, the
    slaves don’t care. Be better to disappear and not be noticed because the
    black legs are coming……

  • Shittum Wood

    Out with zionist politicians! We’ve all had enough of that satanic bunch of
    tyrants in the Palestine earthly kingdom of Marxist parasites!

  • ctwatcher

    Most just want one to hit D.C. when they’re all in there snorting coke and
    bending people over. Then the people will scrub the earth of their germs
    and have life.

  • David Scott

    Who’s side are you guys on with the subliminal messaging in your back
    grounds? You don’t have to answer that, because it is already known. Trump
    type free publicity right here folks.

  • No2TheNWO

    We need to build an expensive telescope to find something that was made in
    a underground military base.

  • quietlike

    They include giant meteor, and not gary johnson, and Im sure MSM will cover
    it more than Johnson. Im thinking he’s an agent to elect hillary tbh, but I
    still would like to see him in the debate

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