In today’s video, Christopher Greene of AMTV reports on Pedogate Blows Wide Open, Jeffery Epstein Child Sex Scandal Implicates Labor Nominee.
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  • allen0088

    what are u even talking about? we been hearing pizzagate for the last 6 months. these videos are like fastfood uploads. move on

  • Hutch5321

    Pedo ring is only part of the scandal that is coming.
    Do you really think Obama flew last Wednesday to Tahiti for a month for no reason at all?
    Look at Diane Feinstein’s face after her briefing from the FBI yesterday. I’ve NEVER seen a D.C. official so serious.
    There’s a storm coming. And, it’s bigger than D.C. has EVER seen.

  • Tell it like It is or don't tell it at all

    Bunch of evil pieces of satanic shit can all burn at the stakes! I will beat the shit out of any pediphile tries hurting my kids or any kids for that matter. They can all die and nobody would even miss them whatsoever

  • Martin Leifland

    They are indeed Rolling up pedophiles and the precurers atm, Ivanka Trump has urged her dad to take care of this. Podesta will be prosecuted within a year and maybe even Clinton

  • Sophie Louis

    Lolita Express Massacre Island,located @ Nueva Ecija,Philippines where kidnapped Refugees from Syria,Haiti,England,U.S. Including the Kiidnapped Victims of the Unknown Packages,including the Clinton’s Staffers who got Murderd by Swine Pigs Huma,Heba Abadin & Angela Hernandez & UK Fugitives Swine Pigs Catherine Middleton & her husband Body Double Williams & French Fugitives Bruno Bonnet & 9/11 Terrorist known for Chasing Phrophet Mohammad,that lead Charlie Hebdo Attacts: Satan Dajjal Tom Akin are alll the Suspects for Pedo,Rape,Murders @ the Lolita Express.

  • Johnny Kat

    where’s Ben Swann ?. and how about that teacher they busted in Seattle (child porn), last week the DOJ dropped all charges because they didn’t want how they caught him to come out in court … seriously 8-/

  • Poose Face

    here is a curious one, the ‘True Colors Conference’
    Sexual Minority Youth and Family Services
    the main logo is a heart inside of a heart.
    It’s out of Hartford, Connecticut and maybe worth looking into.

  • dawn franklin

    This piece of poop needs to be outed for his participation in the covering up of a pedophile. Hmmm…. I wonder if he had any trips to the island?

  • TiTi Garcia

    I know this. You know this. Everyone knows this. . And “They Know” . That “We Know!” . And you know what – they don’t care!!! . Because nothing ever happens to them. . And that’s why they continue to do what they do! . They are the Biggest Criminals!! .
    @ I can only Hope that in my lifetime – I get to see the downfall of their empire!! ..

  • Tracy Berg

    taking the innocence of a child is unforgiven!. one who does that lives without any moral’s ,at all.god bless those kds**!

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