Does the Alt-Right and the Hoteps Share Some Common Ground?

One of the Hoteps, Hotep Jesus, join Henrik for a conversation about potential overlapping interests between the Hoteps and the Alt-Right. Do we share some similar ideas? More importantly, do we have a common enemy, trying to keep us at each other’s throats?

Hotep argues against forced multiculturalism, for nationalism and that he’d one day love to see American Blacks going back home to Africa.

This is an excerpt from the thirtieth episode of Weekend Warrior, a live show available to Red Ice Members.

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  • Cù_Mhara

    The problem with America is that no ones American anymore. Whites and blacks could coexist if certain things were to change. This is not to say identity should be thrown away but grown. Course (((they))) don’t help at all.

  • Jack Burton

    Blacks are not actually liberal. They are USED by white liberals and Jews as street soldiers for their Marxist revolution.

    Blacks are actually more authoritarian, less tolerant, more collectivist and anti-homosexual on average than whites are. That’s not liberal. Blacks vote as a bloc. Black women are the most racist and anti-white group there is. 94% of black women voted for Hillary, even higher at 98% for single black women.

    The “Hotep” blacks are usually Farrakhan types or sympathizers. They are similar to older black movements like the pan-Africanists such as Marcus Garvey. They are nationalistic and racial separatists. So in that way they are allies in order to achieve the natural order of racial separation into our own sovereign nations.

  • Trumping While Black

    A lot of us don’t buy into the media B.S. Skin color is a liberal construct. I am not different than any white person. I and others I know anyways believed in something greater than ourselves. There are good and bad on both sides, so why do we allow them to divide us? This is the 21st century, and we act like the liberal playbook is new! Don’t believe that B.S. from the media. The have sold their soul to the big LIE! What us should do is really stick together and turn this thing grey. Since they like colors.

  • Vader Did Nothing Wrong

    Great discussion, he seems like a really cool guy.

    I do agree that Jews were over overwhelmingly in control of the slave trade, but Christopher Columbus was not Jewish.

  • Richard Wilson

    If you want to know what a truly awake and enlightened black man looks like, (not that this guy isn’t) check out some lectures of Kilindi Iyi. The black race has a nobility to it that has been ironically crushed by multiculturalism, like all races.

    He doesn’t get into politics to my knowledge but rather some deeper and more metaphysical topics, like what Red Ice used to cover. Entheogens, ancient civilizations, evolution of man, he is an amazing man to listen to. He’s like a mix between Paul Stamets and Michael Tsarion.

  • Charmaine Wakelin

    WOW!!! This has got to be the most interesting discussion THIS YEAR so far. Excellent outreach conversation 😃👍

  • Jantes Inferno

    Of course Africans can be allies; Ethiopia was a kingdom with a deep alliance with the Roman Empire & they’re still orthodox Christians to this day.

  • annihilationHaven

    Thanks Henrik for another edifying interview. Man have you ever come a long way from the Michael Tsarion interviews. We are both discovering that we can do a lot more than just passive learning and that our authorities are misleading us. Something needs to be organized, we need to be open to be taken seriously, and we need to get as many people on board as possible. Probably nobody out there wants the 70 IQ somalis and nigerians in their neighbourhoods, but if you could convince a couple to donate to your cause, you’ve accomplished what the powers that be have accomplished by getting their tacit approval and payment in taxes. Humanity had to go through this period, had to make the secret society mistakes, now it’s up to people like you, David Duke and others to correct them. I’m not saying transparency of all things is the solution and getting rid of the hierarchy is the solution, but I’m advocating morphing the hierarchy into a weaponless authority by personal trust with oversight. Illegitimate authority is the one that abuses their power, and there’s no question the USA is the leader of the world in abuses of power.

  • Jungles Bongles

    he light skinned doe so he cast out from da nigga gang.

    plus iq 85 niggas aint like mature religious niggas.


    lol imma go convert the biggest racist cunt cynthia g again

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