The Rise of Eugenics – Why Big Oil Conquered The World


Eugenics. This was the guiding vision of JDR3 and the Rockefeller family’s “philanthropy.” A vision that cast the Rockefellers and their fellow oiligarchs as superior families, fit by very virtue of their wealth and success to guide the course of world events. The power to determine who was fit to breed and who was too poor to pass on their genes…


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  • Geraldine Stevens

    GBS was wildy over i can see why..another vile nazi..a fabian satanist..reducing everything to 1 ”value”..economic productivity..=taxes. its insane. an means his entire fame and riches were contrived by the state under the old pals act. all his works and his name should now be publicly trashed ..[ps but NO book burnings.]

  • stop censoring me

    That is the problem with the ruling class. They actually believe the lies and deception of false flags, propaganda, the creation of perpetual wars and disease is an essential part of population balance and feel justified to do so. The authoritative power and diplomatic immunity of an aristocratic class they consider a bi product or reward for doing what they believe is essential . Yes they sleep very well at night..Most people do when they actually believe they are doing the right thing, regardless of its true moral nature.

  • Durai Emakutti

    George Bernard Shaw has the wonderful question which really needs answer from the Commissioner of Income-tax, as every individual has THE right to existence in this world.

  • RFriend

    They tried to do it , they almost did it, they are doing it. The (ISS) the space station is Flying 17,150 miles per hour around a Globe for the last 15 years. But if you don’t believe it you could be called a dummy, But if you do believe it, your thinking clearly and are Very Smart. O my Goodness. TISFInsane, Wonder which ones they would round up

  • olives peppers

    In my view three desires are optimal for a persons time/energy,
    1.) Establishing a personal relationship with the Creator
    2.) Helping others
    3.) Overcoming self/ego
    these are the keys to unlocking genuine love/eternity.

  • WarpPal

    This is what happens when governments get taken over by oligarchs who conspire with legislators to create a society of consumers through monopolies and then fuckin complain about they behavior of the very kind of person they NEED to keep them rich.

    This is what happens when you have a bunch of people impossibly rich in power who have no one to hold them accountable for their lawless, inhuman, godless beliefs. A bunch of royal bloodline inbred rats who pride in their sociopathic, a moral, technocratic ideology and always prioritize bottom line over human life, hiding their intent behind 200 page pseudo science and 1000 page legislation.

    No single person or government has the right to choose how many humans can live. The US could comfortably hold at least twice its population, the problem is because of corporate backed consumerism, we waste allot of resources, but again the government designed it with inefficiency in mind so they can use it to treat people like cattle later on when they enforce Agenda 2030 and try to bring in the Technocracy….

    But thanks to James Corbett it ain’t gonna happen.

  • Synergy Nation

    Why did money rule the world? It’s a horrible way of allocating resources, taking care of human needs and producing justice in the world. Why aren’t we talking about the evil built into the money system, such as the concentration of wealth mechanisms, rather than all the side issues connected with the money system? Money supports prejudicial thinking. It tells all of us “You can afford prejudice as long as you have money.”

  • Flat Swiss

    Global 🙂 Coming soon! All who continue to deny that our Earth is a “Static Geocentric Plane” Shall be put to death. Turn around is fair play .The elite scum continue to push their
    “Evolved Monkey People Living On A Pear Shaped Oblate Spheroid Tilted Wobbling And Spinning In Space Thesis” They must die or evolve and expose the truth. #Globexit.

  • magnus4g63

    i LOVED both how and why ! … i would have liked some mention of planned parenthood and the welfare state though.

  • Harakashi

    If the government doesn’t want to support a group of people then why not just leave them be? Let the people support each other if they wan’t to. Why are government solutions so final and extreme?


    Its a good that you put the direct quote by George Bernard Shaw cause when you said it it sounded so rediculous i said bull shit

  • Ted Kyzenski

    Rubbish. Big oil requires a dim populace to support the consumption it needs for the absurd profits. Why would they be promoting the loss of consumers?

  • Matt Mosley

    Yet it’s a low I.Q’d population that allows them to have power 🙂 Oh the irony.
    3:7 Wall streeters would be fucked 🙂

  • Jack Parsons

    They want to breed races of servants for their Neo-feudalism, no other motives. They are not seeking to build a Utopia, just a hell for everyone except themselves. Docile technocrats to keep the machines going and docile unskilled slaves for the dirty work, just enough to keep things going (Brave New World). No religion, no families and no countries, no other loyalties other than to the one world state. They use carrots and sticks, but mostly sticks and drugs to control the populace. The problem with their plan, is that they cannot extinguish the desire for humans to be free and to search for meaning in their lives, no matter how much they try to drug and manipulate us. Their plan will destroy their souls. They are not atheists. Those who have glimpsed behind their secrecy learn that they really do worship Lucifer. Their plan is doomed to failure because it cannot sustain itself. Its very nature is self-destructive. Although it may appear that they are invincible, it is a thin illusion that will be shattered.

  • Samuel J

    So Henry Kissinger is a humanitarian saint in comparison to those people and in his mind he’d think he’s entitled to a Nobel Prize for Humanity if there is such a thing. I think those people think they are gods and enjoy the influence they have over people’s destinies.

  • mikecorbeil

    Very good James, but also upsetting; it f*cks up my stomach. Shaw was clearly a heartless asshole. Not only Shaw, but he clearly was one. And David Rockefeller, or whatever his full name is, asshole. He should hang himself. If he prefers to do it to me first, then so shall it be. But, he should wake up to reality and put an end to his family’s bs. It’d be much better solution.

  • Critical Thinker

    1:25 – why are you implying that eugenics is synonymous with “central planning” aka socialism? It’s the opposite of central planning, ie free market fascism/imperialism, that invented, supports and condones eugenics (and also the false notion of “racism”).

  • tomalajr

    Well now we’re doing the opposite. Instead of killing off useless people of society, the working class is forced to support them and let them live for free and Fuck and procreate as they please

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