Who Will The U.S Rain “FREEdom” On Next?

In this video, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange gives you the latest breaking news on the statements by U.S senator Bob Corker, the latest YouTube changes and exposing of major media moguls.


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  • oscar zafra

    I feel like the world government fill their cabinets with pedophiles and other wicked humans so they have a sort of leash over their neck. They need to stay in line or else their secrets get revealed.
    Human history has been written in blood and shit.. I don’t know why people think its any different now. The united states is the Roman empire.. History doesn’t repeat but it rhymes. Its worth noting that previous empires, greeks, romans, Islamic and preislamic, spain, and many more have a foundation of pedophilia.

    No wonder humans aren’t allowed into the galactic federation, we’re collectively horrible.

    Also, great work. You are more important than I think you realize luke. The lies are drowning out truth and the masses have grown deaf. A voice that attempts to speak truth even though you may not be sure of what that is yourself is the panacea that will save or souls from the clutch of those who wish to keep us as sheep.

  • Reece Booshand

    Israel using American tax payers money to sell hi grade military weaponry to Russia,
    And Trump is the puppet of Netanyahu,
    World war is not going to happen, Iran is in bed with Russia and Israel look further down the rabbit hole Luke,
    The east are winning Geopolitically and the United States is about to go into bankruptcy, no need to go to war, the east is laughing
    BRICS is rising.

  • erdingtown

    Donald is the new Zionist puppet. Did his son-in-law know he would run for president 10 years ago and married his daughter? hmmmmmmm I wonder! When america is kapot as a nation, will the jewish state of Israel start giving the US foreign aid? WAAAHHHHHHHH. just kidding

  • Bill Goode

    Luke, the storm Trump was referring to will not be another war. We’ve had plenty of those over the last 50 years or so and another war or two would not warrant such a statement as “the calm before the storm”. In terms of war, we have had no calm. War has been pretty continuous. There has been no calm in the wars.

    On the other hand there has long been a calm in terms of arrests of the cabal, because there haven’t been any significant arrestss. Indeed, the cabal / bankers / bad guys have been calmly killing people in Las Vegas, calmly blowing up buildings in New York & Oklahoma City, calmly leaving diplomats at the horrific hands of terrorists in Benghazi, and very calmly lying to the American people at every opportunity.

    I suspect the storm he is referring to are mass arrests. That will indeed be a storm against the cabal. So the storm need not be a storm against the good guys. It may well be a storm against the bad guys, ie Soros, Clintons, Bushes, Obama, etc.

  • Idelacio

    AFAIK nthing has been proved with the Ted heath scandal with only a handful of cases out of about 60 accusations being deemed credible , IE weren’t outright false and could be investigated further, and the one actual victim they trotted out being shown to be wholly unrelaible as a witness. I’m not saying Heath wasn’t a kiddy fiddler but the whle thing seems to have been badly mishandled and, frankly, an awful lot of that seems to stem from teh police chief in charge.

    With Jimmy Saville there was a plethora of witnesses right out the gate, many of whom were ideally placed at the right places and times to make their accusations viable. The same is true with the various sex gang scandals. THIS case has clearly been botched and if anything did happen it’s seems it’ll be less likely that anything will appear now.

  • Davy Jones

    Lol no. Venesuela is much more likely to fall victim. It is the furthest from China and Russia and is neither’s ally. After fiasco in Syria USA would be dumb to try something similar so close to Russia and China.

  • Michael Alexander

    Make A Video about state citizenship. time to bring the decision making stick back home with we the people. its time to take the light away from dc and bring the light back home. help explain the voluntay citizenship = forced taxation. state citizenship is a legal status that allows we the people to prevail. win the minds of more people, and give full disclosure about us citizenship voluntary tax slave status via contracts with thr govt.

    juriddiction, domicile, lawful permanent residence contracts, registration contracts,

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