Henry Kissinger Orders Madman Theory For Donald Trump

In this video, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange gives you the latest breaking news on Henry Kissinger visiting the White House advising U.S President Donald Trump, Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow and others exposing corruption in the media industry, the U.S.A Liberty act and of course a lot more.

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  • Robert Haley

    Although Kissinger isn’t your garden variety nice guy, this characterization is quite an exaggeration. Kissinger didn’t do anything in Vietnam that his predecessors didn’t do. And Kissinger didn’t do anything as treasonous as 9/11. Ike really DID threaten nuclear war in Korea. Meanwhile, I would trust Kissinger’s advice on over McMaster and the neocons any day of the week.

  • InkCricket C

    Henry Kissinger has been about the New World Order since the early 50s. I remember in college back in the late sixties my political science teacher had me read a book by Henry Kissinger and I was totally shocked what I heard from this madman in his book. He’s a wicked Zionist Jew. Number of countries around the world have arrest warrants out for him right now including Italy.

  • Construct Dizmal

    Kissinger would not be a problem if Donald Trump didn’t make him so. We got Trumped, Chumped, and Chimped! Please people! I’m begging you! If he were the real thing, we would have no Indefinite Detention and a restoration of our Constitution. Wake Up!

  • Will Way

    That’s the thing, Luke, you were right all along. Guess how much coverage of Trump/Kissinger there is today at THE biggest platform in truth media? ZERO, GOOSE EGG…selective news, twisted facts, and jamba juice all in the same place….woohoo sign me up!

  • Dzooky Nduru

    Im not naive. Kissinger is a sick fuck. But he’s a sick fuck who gets shit done. It’s cool as long as he Uses his powers for good

  • blaklungzz

    I absolutely 100% approve of any honeypots for child sex abusers. Do what you gotta do reign them in and put em all away.

    The Vegas Shooting is looking more and more every day like a CIA-engineered false flag. I hate to say that because it hurts to think that my country is *this* corrupt, but I can’t deny that what I’m seeing right now is incredibly suspicious.

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